Curran Promotes Education Tax Credit

Assemblyman Brian Curran
Assemblyman Brian Curran

Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook – 21st AD) recently spoke about the Education Tax Credit Act (A1826-B) on an interview with Religion on the Line, hosted by Rabbi Joseph Potasnik and Deacon Kevin McCormack, and heard on 770 WABC-NY.  The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Michael Cusick and Senator Martin J. Golden would provide incentives in the form of a tax credit for donations to public education entities, local education funds, and educational scholarship organizations, as well as tax credits for certain expenses incurred by qualified educators who purchase materials and supplies for classroom use.

“Assemblyman Cusick and Senator Golden have done a great job with this bi-partisan legislation. This bill is a great way to benefit everyone in the entire education system. It is an alternative way to provide money to schools that otherwise may not be there,” said Curran. “This is not government allocating money to any specific school; individuals or businesses are given complete autonomy to make charitable donations without government dictating where the money will go. It allows people to look at a qualified list of people, school or subject area where they want to contribute money.”

Curran said the bill promotes the state's interest in providing the highest quality education to all children in the state. Permitting public education entities such as school districts, individual public schools and non-profits that promote the arts, civics, and pre-k instruction to accept and receive charitable donations will lessen the need for additional tax revenue, encouraging voluntary support for education without prejudice for or against any state-sponsored educational enterprise. 

“A charitable donation is a great way to get money into the education system while alleviating some monetary expenses on taxpayers,” said Curran. “Nassau County taxpayers fund schools and the burden is getting too heavy on homeowners. This bill will not only ease the strain on the taxpayers’ wallets, but also minimize pressure and help get money into programs such as art, music or athletics where budget cuts are happening.”

The Education Tax Credit Act is a bi-partisan bill with 103 sponsors and has a positive status for passing in the 2014 session. Assemblyman Curran’s interview can be viewed on YouTube at http://bit.ly/LjWUUs.


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