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Curran reacts to the 2014-2015 State Budget Address

Assemblyman Brian Curran
Assemblyman Brian Curran


Statement from Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook – 21st A.D.)


“The governor’s budget proposal is an ambitious plan that includes many ideas - some that I can agree with, and others that I don't believe have enough detail or need to be modified to better help our community and state.  I’m proud that we have made tremendous strides in cutting income taxes for middle-class New Yorkers to their lowest levels in 53 years; we need to continue making our state and Long Island affordable again.


"We can do this by ensuring New York lives within the property-tax cap and maintains the middle-class tax cut levels for years to come. We should also take a deeper look at the state’s income and general tax structures; that will help many of our working families and seniors keep more money in their own pockets.


"I am yet again, however, disappointed by the disproportionate amount of aid Nassau County schools get under the current funding formula. We are again presented with a budget that contains GEA (Gap Elimination Adjustment) which further decreases state aid for Nassau County schools at a disproportionate rate when compared to other areas of New York. Incredibly, in a year when the governor is touting an increase in school funding, the increase for Long Island schools is only a 2.6 percent increase from last year. In the 21st Assembly District, there are five districts (Baldwin, Oceanside, West Hempstead, Valley Stream 24 and East Rockaway) that are scheduled to receive a decrease in aid under the governor's budget proposal.


"I was encouraged to hear the Governor join me and many of my colleagues in noting the need to review the Common Core Curriculum. There have to be allowances for special-needs children and special education. We cannot have specific designations for special education children but no allowance to implement those designations. There is a lot of money proposed in the budget for education and other programs; it must be used wisely and responsibly.”



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