Lynbrook North Middle School Kids in Action

Several seventh-graders were selected to represent Lynbrook North Middle School at the 2013 Kids in Action annual youth rally held on the LIU Post campus in December. This year’s program was titled “S.T.O.P. Then Send” and focused on the dangers of cyberbullying.


As part of North Middle School’s ongoing efforts to address all types of bullying, these student leaders created lessons to present to the sixth-grade classes. Students were encouraged to S.T.O.P. and consider the following four factors before using social media: study the content, think of others, only post if appropriate and photos are forever. 

The student leaders conveyed that cyberspace wrongdoing is just as serious as other types of bullying. 


As always, parents should continue to cultivate and maintain an open, candid line of communication with their children and encourage them to use technology responsibly.



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