West End Writing Workshops

Writing Workshops

Using a Writing Workshop model, teachers at West End School in the Lynbrook School District used a hands-on approach to help their students learn the art of narrative, informational and opinion writing.

In their Writing Workshop, fifth-graders in Diana Terzi’s class have been working to create informational reports. Students were asked to choose topics of personal interest and incorporate research into their writing. At the end of the unit, the class celebrated with a publishing party. The students read each other’s reports and commented on them. This gave everyone a chance to share their knowledge and learn from one another.


Second-grade authors in Katie Sieling’s class completed an informational writing unit with a class celebration. After writing their own nonfiction books on their topics of choice, students celebrated by sharing their books with classmates, who provided positive feedback. Some examples of book topics were ice hockey, gymnastics, sledding, Irish step dancing and basketball.



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