Best Blogs: Raising Teens, Gun Control, World Book Night

A look at the past week’s blogs across Nassau and Suffolk County.

Long Island is not only known for its cultural diversity, but its diversity of opinions. That fact is proven every week on Patch as we host community voices in our blog space. Here’s a look at some of the latest blogs posted on our sites across Long Island. Click on the headlines to read the blogs in their entirety.

Next Up, FAFSA!

The College Whisperer provides this informative blog for college students navigating the seemingly complicated world of college financial aid. Click the headline to learn about applying for the FAFSA.

What was life like when you were your son's age?

“Teenage Sons” posted this blog about the challenges of raising teenagers in the new millenium. “Sometimes parents might forget they were once their teenage son’s age, and it’s important to be understanding and patient with the roller-coaster ride your teenage son can sometimes take you on.” Click the headline to read more.

On the Town: Easing the Road to Rebuilding Post-Sandy

Hempstead Town Councilman Anthony J. Santino contributes a blog post this week for an update on some initiatives coming from the town related to Sandy recovery. “Fourteen months since Hurricane Sandy struck our South Shore, much relief money has yet to arrive and much building has yet to begin,” the blog states. “Therefore, my colleagues and I on the Hempstead Town Board are extending the permit fee waivers for the fourth time…until March 31, 2014.” Click the headline to read more.

FDA Takes Aim at Antibiotics in Agricultural Industry

“The US agricultural industry has routinely fed antibiotics to livestock and poultry for more than 50 years.” And so begins this latest blog post from the North Shore LIJ Health System. Click the headline to read the latest on this important topic of what is being done with our food.

Sweating The Small Stuff

Ian Lepkowsky of “Monday Meditations” blog provides this inspiring narrative about his jitters getting back into the workforce as a server at a restaurant. Click the headline to read how you can eliminate a lot of self doubt by not sweating the small stuff.

Bear with me, folks . . .

Coffee Blog With Lise Marinelli provides another entertaining blog post this week, this time about handling encounters with wild bears. Click the headline and enjoy this narrative.

Coward with a Gun meets a trained Man with a Gun

James T. Ryder points out in this blog post the speed in which the most recent Colorado high school shooting ended because of an armed, off-duty county sheriff, who ran towards the shooter. Ryder illuminates this fact as evidence in hs larger argument against further restrictions on 2nd Amendment rights. Click the headline to read this politically charged blog post.  

Be a “Book Giver” on World Book Night!

On April 23, 2013 celebrate World Book Night. Sachem Public Library is one center where you can drop off your favorite books to share with others who may not have had access. “Tens of thousands of people will go out into their communities to give out 20 free paperbacks of a book they have loved.” Click the headline to read more about this amazing book drive.


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