How Bad Are New York Drivers?

Not as terrible as motorists in Pennsylvania, but worse than drivers in Connecticut and New Jersey.

Credit: New Jersey State Police.
Credit: New Jersey State Police.
New York drivers may be aggressive and impatient.

But they're not the worst.

That dubious distinction goes to Louisiana, according to a new report released by CarInsuranceComparison.com, an auto insurance website.

The site's rankings are based on statistics pulled from several sources, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Motorists Association, and Mothers Against Drink Driving.

The insurance site looked at vehicle fatalities, drunk driving, tickets and the failure to obey driving laws.

New York finished 22nd in the worst-drivers rankings, which means Empire State motorists, for all their hubris, are average. 

New York wasn't as bad as nearby Pennsylvania, which has the 15th-worst drivers. On the other hand, the site's analysis showed New Jersey and Connecticut motorists are, on the whole, better than New York's.

The full list is available at CarInsuranceComparison.com. 


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