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Updated: Residents Report in as Over 7,000 in Area Still Without Power

About 44 percent of customers in local towns have no electricity.

Area residents are struggling with the clean up after Hurricane Sandy and many are without power with days before they will see relief.

A Long Island Power Authority map shows that there are 7,217 customers without power in Port Jefferson, Port Jefferson Station, Terryville and Mount Sinai out of a total of 16,459, about 44 percent.

Despite the numbers some residents are saying there is some improvement in certain areas.

"Power in most of Mount Sinai has been restored," said John Feinberg, a Mt. Sinai resident, in an email to Patch on Wednesday. "North of 25A never lost power. South of 25A got it back at 0100 hours today."

Feinberg reported that residents on the Coram Mt. Sinai border are still without power.

A Port Jefferson business owner said that power was coming back on, slowly.

"Looks like 112 from 347 to North Country Rd is back," she reported."Light at 347 up and running. Pathmark has lights. North on 112 (towards Port) lit up."

Although there were still places that are dark.

"7-Eleven, on the west side of the street (north of the tracks), Tara's and Napa, light at North Country, Lobster House are all still out," she said.

At the north end of Route 112, many businesses are seeing the lights come back. Boardwalk Games reported being open with power. Power was also restored to the Frigate building, and the building with Lainie's Way.

On Facebook people were listing the places that had power and some that were still waiting.

Kerin Robitsek said that Thompson Street in Port Jefferson has power.

Monica Williams reported that the lights were still out on Soundview Drive.

Andrew Stone said Shore Road in Mount Sinai still has no power.

Regina Wilcox said that she lives in the first Jefferson Woods across from Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson.

"The second part of the complex has power," she said. "The rest of us have heard that it will be another 7 - 10 days."

Are you seeing power come on or are you still waiting for LIPA? Tell us int he comments.

Town No power Total Customers Port Jefferson 2,313 4,065 Port Jefferson Station 1,948 3,426 Mt. Sinai 2,921 4,729 Terryville 90 4,239
7,272 16459

* Data from LIPA website as of Nov. 1.

Cold and withoutPower November 02, 2012 at 12:01 PM
Still no power in my 3 block grid off of jayne blvd. no downed wires.. So why no power? All of the trees on terryville and jayne and the back roads have been cleared but i still dont see any electricians working :( i am cold it has been practically 5 days. I hope the government really does replace the LIPA guys in charge of this mess so this never happens again..
Patty November 02, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Still no power on Erie Street. PJS
Britannic1 November 02, 2012 at 03:56 PM
I've lived on Block Blvd since 1990 and we never used to lose power during even the worst of storms. But, 22 years later, the trees are larger and older and I'm sure that the LIPA infrastructure hasn't has the maintainance and care it once used to get. Their online interactive storm repair map shows the outages in our area but does not show their crews anywhere close to us. That certainly isn't of much comfort. It also amazes me how LIPA has effectively shielded themselves from letting us speak directly with them. I can understand this to a point but are they really aware of the severity of the outages in our area? The automated system doesn't convey that.
Steve Belyea November 04, 2012 at 11:25 PM
No power in Belle Terre or surrounding Harbor Hills. Let's hope it isn't the 10% LIPA says 1 week longer!
Patty November 05, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Still no power on Erie Street, Port Jefferson Station :(


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