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Lynbrook Braces For Winter Storm

Schools closed, DPW says it's prepared for the snow.

As Nassau County awaits yet another winter storm, forecast to hit the area Tuesday night, Lynbrook village officials say they've mapped out a snow-removal plan that should help make the streets as clean as possible for residents and motorists.

"We prepared everything — we went over our deployment strategy," said Phil Healy, superintendent of the village's Department of Public Works. The cleanup will be a bit trickier tonight, Healy said, as a significant amount of snow remains on the streets from the , but he is confident that his workers will have things under control. "We got all the sanders ready, salters, and all that stuff. We're as ready as we can be."

Village workers are prepared to come in at around 8 p.m. Tuesday night, if needed, Healy said, and will work on two rotating 12-hour shifts.

The National Weather Service reports that

Closings/delayed openings

The Lynbrook School District will be closed on Wednesday. No classes, activities or sports games will be held. The Board of Education meeting, scheduled for Wednesday night, has been postponed. As of 9 p.m. Tuesday, the Lynbrook Public Library was to maintain its regular hours on Wednesday.

Make shoveling easier

Ever shovel your sidewalk and driveway only to watch as a plow comes down your street to dump the snow right back on top of your clean pavement?

Instead of shouting obscenities at the truck as it continues down the street, DPW officials recommend not shoveling right away, and doing it once the plows have made multiple passes. "If you can wait until three or four hours after it stops snowing," you'll avoid shoveling every time the plow comes by, Healy said.

In addition, Healy offers a helpful tip: when shoveling, throw your snow to the right side of your driveway. Many right-handed people tend to throw the snow to their left, and because the plows come down the right side of the road, they push the snow right back into your driveway. 

"If you throw [the snow] to the downstream side of the driveway, ti will make shoveling a little easier," Healy said.

If you need assistance

As always, Lynbrook's public works department, fire department, and police force are on hand to assist those in need.

  • Lynbrook police — (516) 599-3300
  • Lynbrook FD — (516) 599-1547
  • Lynbrook DPW — (516) 599-8838


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