Sandy Sets Crossroads Farm Chickens Loose [Photos]

Post-tropical storm winds damage barn at Malverne farm.

Tropical Storm Sandy's fierce winds set several chickens loose on Crossroads Farm at Grossmann's in Malverne.

Expecting that their coup wouldn't withstand the storm, their caretaker had moved them into the hoop barn but even that was no match for Sandy's 80 m.p.h. wind gusts. She ripped the sides off the barn, allowing the chickens to escape.

They didn't go far though. Some stayed in the barn and others were seen wandering around the farm Tuesday morning. We were told they are smart enough not to head into the busy streets, Ocean Avenue and Hempstead Avenue, that surround the farm.

Four adults and three kids were working to round-up and catch the chickens shortly before 10 a.m. Most likely, they will be moved into the greenhouse, which did survive Sandy.


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