Weird News: Beached Barge, Sky-High Fireball Perplex Locals

Some stories are downright strange. Here's our wrap-up from around Long Island.

As a local news organization, Patch covers stories of all kinds, from heartbreaking tragedies to inspiring tales of community brotherhood. But some stories are just plain weird. Here are some of the stranger headlines from the past seven days.

Barge on the Beach

A 125-foot barge washed ashore after breaking from its tug Monday night in Atlantic Beach, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

After striking a swell off Atlantic Beach shores, a 26-foot towing vessel called “Pushy” lost control of a barge when its towing line snapped, said the Coast Guard. The barge, carrying construction equipment, washed ashore at Silver Point County Park as the tug boat sank. The incident happened at 7:35 p.m.

The vessels were on their way to Weeks Marine Shipyard in New York City, having just finished a job sandblasting and painting the Robert Moses Causeway Bridge.

Three men escaped the sinking boat thanks to another nearby tug. One man was aboard the barge at the time and he was lifted to safety by New York Police helicopter.

The cause of the break in the line is being investigated by Coast Guard officials.

Les Mis, the Flash Mob

MacArthur High School students who recently performed in the school's musical production of "Les Miserables" gave a surprise performance at Wednesday night's board of education meeting.

Students unexpectedly rose from their seats and broke out in song, performing the iconic, "One More Day."

Click here to se the video.

Howling Mad

A Syosset family is demanding answers following the death of their dog who they thought was safe in the care of an Oyster Bay pet sitting business.

Amy Cicio left her rescued 6-pound Chihuahua, Reba, with Two By Four pet sitting services during a short trip. When she returned on Dec. 29, she was told that her dog had been attacked and killed by another dog in the care of Two By Four.

Cicio said Two By Four workers told her they didn't see the attack happen and didn't know which dog was responsible.

"They have no answers. I am heartbroken and feel compelled to make my community aware," she wrote to Patch. "They are a business and it's their job and responsibility to watch the dogs!"

Two By Four owner Melanie Nardiello told News 12 that the dogs were not left outside alone.

“As soon as the incident happened, we reacted swiftly and professionally. We did everything that we could to save Reba,” Nardiello told News 12.

A Screaming Comes Across the Sky

Hundreds of people across the Northeast, including many on Long Island, reported seeing a streaking fireball in the sky last Sunday night at 5:20 p.m., according to the American Meteor Society.

Mike Hankey of the American Meteorological Society told the Cape Cod Times that the phenomenon was caused by a meteor than entered the atmosphere over southwest Vermont, heading north.

Viewers report the flash was brighter than a full moon.


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