Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Instruction and information for a design that everyone can handle.

Sometimes buying gifts can be stressful, especially now since money doesn't come that easy. You also might not know what to get certain people. I say, everyone loves gifts from the heart. If you made something special instead of buying it, your friends and loved ones will appreciate it even more.

There a lot of things you can create do-it-yourself style for gifts. Being an artist, I have made tons of things for people. Whether it was a special occasion or a holiday, they were always successful. As long as you keep that person in mind, I guarantee you will see smiles from ear to ear. Maybe even happy tears. That's the best!

Here are just a few ideas to inspire you to create something awesome. Remember, a great gift doesn't have to be hundreds of dollars as long as its personal, unique and done right.

Homemade Baked Goods & Food

This is great for all you foodies out there. I happen to love to bake and cook, so giving my treats away as gifts is a given. The key is to package them up nicely so they look like something incredible.  

If you plan on giving a large batch of cookies or brownies, present them in a nice tin or box. If you want to just give a couple then gift them in small cute bags and add some ribbon. It's the small touches that really add that holiday cheer. For food, try mason jars. They are affordable, presentable and the person can reuse them when they're done.  

You can purchase cookie tins at  on Lakeview Avenue and  on Sunrise Highway. For more packaging, try the on Broadway or your local craft store.

Scrapbooks & Photo books

These are really great to give as gifts. Not only are they personal but you can really get creative and go all out. Creating book for someone allows them to look back and appreciate amazing moments. I have made numerous books for people in the past and they have all been a success.  

You don't have to be a designer to make a gorgeous and meaningful book. Whether you choose to put it together by hand or get it printed, this is a gift option you won't regret. Focus on things that are important to the person you are giving it to. Are they married or in a relationship? Do they have kids or pets? What about a collection of photos from past holidays of the family or their kids artwork?

For a real simple book, try putting reasons you appreciate that person on each page. With every turn they will love you even more! Get creative and have fun doing it.

For handmade scrap books you can use just about anything but for paper and craft materials try the on Atlantic Avenue and on Merrick Road.  You might even find some cool stuff at on Merrick Road.

For a professionally printed book, check out the services at the  on Atlantic Avenue, on Sunrise Highway and the photo departments of your local drug stores. You can also try these companies: MyPublisherPetite Picasso and Inkubook.

Framed Photographs & Artwork

Being a photographer, there are always photos I would love to give as gifts. Especially, if the person loves the specific subject or it would fit the decor of their home.

If you have some really great nature photos, just frame them up and give them to a nature lover. Have a unique drawing or painting? Give them as gifts, too. If you don't want to hand off the original, just make prints by scanning or taking pictures of the artwork.

You can get prints of your photos at  on Sunrise Highway and the on Merrick Road. For framing products go to your local frame shop.

Some other great gift ideas are gift baskets, handmade coupons and personalized items. I gave my boyfriend's parents an Italian dinner gift basket last year and it was a big hit. I just added a bottle of wine, organic pasta, garlic infused olive oil, a can of San Marzano tomatoes and fresh herbs. You can fill baskets with art supplies, lotions and bath products, baked goods, toys and just about anything!

For food items, go to the on Sunrise Highway and on Hempstead Avenue as well as on Atlantic Avenue.

Think of interesting things you can put on coupons like "A Free Massage" or a "Special Night Out" and create a cool-looking set. They can use them whenever they want. You can pretty much personalize anything these days, from shirts and hats to mugs and mouse pads. They can make unique gifts for anyone.

Hope you are get your holiday shopping done in time for Christmas. If you're lagging behind and at a loss for ideas try some of these out. Enjoy, and have a Happy New Year!


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