Finding Your Style

Instruction for a do-it-yourself design that everyone can handle.

The main factor when designing your home is to know what your style is. A lot of people have no clue as to what their style is even called. It's good to know special terms and names used in the design industry because it will make your project so much easier.

If you happen to like dark wood furniture with not much detail, then you might like traditional pieces.  However, if you prefer open spaces, sharp lines and light colors then you just might be a minimalist.  These two styles are very far from each other on the design scale.

Then, you need to consider when styles come together. Yes, you can mix them up!  But it has to be done well so everything mixes in a well-rounded manner, not with bits and pieces sticking out like a sore thumb. It's not as hard as you may think.

So, there are a few main groups of design that you should know. They are easily recognizable and you will find most of them in people's homes.  


Elements of traditional design consist of a mix of dark and light colors, dark woods, tailored and refined furniture, decorative molding, symmetrical layouts and a classic feel. Neutrals such as browns, blues, greens and reds are often found in patterns like plaids, toile, and florals. Simple textures mostly make up accessories. 

You can find traditional pieces for your home at  and window treatments to accent any room in the house at  on Merrick Road. 

Modern versus contemporary

People think that these two styles are the same when in fact they aren't. Modern elements are somewhat close to traditional themes but a little more simplified. You will often find square and oval tables, non-decorative furniture, simple textures and more streamlined layouts.  

On the other hand, contemporary design is much more experimental. Wide-open spaces, functional furniture, sleek shapes, light colors and the use of metallics.  White is often used to bounce around light and allow certain colors to pop; large oversized pieces of artwork are popular as well.  

You can find some pretty cool things at on Atlantic Avenue, so give them a visit.


The vintage style of design can go in a few directions according to what period you style your home around.  If you like the 40s and 50s, then having a diner-style kitchen with reds and light blues makes sense. If the 60s and 70s appeal to you, then your home will look completely different. Think retro pieces with pops of color, very mod.

Check out on Atlantic Avenue and on Broadway to see if they have vintage-inspired appliances. There are a good amount of companies that sell really cool pieces. 

However, going back even further to the 1800s is yet another completely different look. Colonial and post-war design pieces are fairly simple, like traditional, but have a more rustic and worn feel. Think farmhouse and you got it. Another style you can consider is Victorian. Highly detailed and ornamental, this style of design appears much like dollhouses — feminine and graceful.

Having unique pieces in your home really makes a difference. Stop by on Sunrise Highway as well to check out their selection of lighting and fixtures. For a large number of brands and styles to choose from, visit . on Sunrise Highway.

Mid-century design

This style describes art created in the 20th century, roughly between the 1930s and 1970s. It was influenced by scandinavian design (hello, Ikea!), and represents modern developments in art, product design and architecture. Experimenting with color, texture and organic shapes, this movement paved the way for modern and contemporary style.  

When accessorizing a room, think out of the box. Try looking for fabrics at clothing stores to find unique patterns and textures. s on Sunrise Highway can give you some inspiration with their menswear options.

on Sunrise Highway offers a great selection of different styled fabrics, and  on Union  Avenue offers drapes and upholstery services.

So whatever you find your style is, do your research to find as many examples as possible. I  suggest you start a style book so you have an organized collection of things you love. Once you have that you can start mixing certain elements and really have fun.  

For tips on interior design contact on Horton Avenue. They specialize in home renovations.  

Your dream house doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, you will always make improvements to your environment and as you get older, your tastes could change.  But while we are in the present, surround yourself with elements of you! Your space should define who you are and showcase what inspires you. Only then will it continue to give back and make you feel you feel at home everyday.


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