Malverne Fourth Grader Appears in SNL Skit

Photo Credit: NBC on YouTube.
Photo Credit: NBC on YouTube.
Malverne Fourth Grader Faith Wladyka made an appearance alongside funny man Paul Rudd on Saturday Night Live! last weekend. 

Wladyka, known for playing the daughter of Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in "Blue Valentine", is seen having her hair braided during the skit, in which Rudd pegs himself as One Direction's biggest fan. 

"Do I love One Direction?" Rudd, starring as Dan Charles, asks. "I don't know. Is Liam's favorite color purple?"

Later in the skit, Rudd says "On the count of three, what was the name of Louie's first dog?" Before anyone can answer, he blurted "Ted."

"You didn't count," Wladyka said.

For more on the SNL appearance, you can watch Wladyka by clicking here.


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