Malverne-Lynbrook Patch on the Horizon

Malverne-Lynbrook Patch will cover all things Malverne, West Hempstead and Lynbrook.

Here at Malverne-West Hempstead Patch, we pride ourselves in our accessibility and approachability. If you have a question, we try to answer it. We welcome and chase down your news tips, happily attend your community events and enjoy conversing with residents in and around town.

Soon, we're about to become even friendlier. Why? Because we'll be welcoming Lynbrook Patch readers and residents to our virtual neighborhood.

Starting June 28, Malverne-West Hempstead Patch and Lynbrook will become one and form Malverne-Lynbrook Patch, with existing editor Tara Conry covering the three communities.

There will be no interruption in Malverne and West Hempstead news coverage and information. Malverne-Lynbrook Patch will include comprehensive news, information and conservation for both towns. We're harnessing our resources to more effectively cover these neighboring communities.

Much of the information we are offering on this site is of interest to residents of  Malverne, West Hempstead and Lynbrook; having it all in one place will make it easier for you to keep up with all the goings-on, without flipping back and forth between sites. 

Here are some of the benefits this will bring to all three towns:

  • All of the businesses will be part of our extensive community directory. Business owners will continue to be invited to claim their listing – and readers will have a comprehensive resource for finding every business in Malverne, West Hempstead and Lynbrook.
  • We already are covering Malverne and West Hempstead breaking news, schools, real estate and business – but now you’ll get to find out what is happening in neighboring Lynbrook. This will allow us to expand coverage and invite Lynbrook residents to add their own voices to the discussion through letters to the editor, announcements, events and blogs.
  • We’ll bring you news about the business community, spotlight homes for sale, tell you about the best eateries, and inform you about events so you can plan your weekend.

Malverne, West Hempstead and Lynbrook share more than just a border. The residents are connected by their shared interest in the well-being of their respective towns, by their support of local economic growth, by their concern for the issues that matter most to the community. That's a connection that transcends borders.

We're excited about being able to provide better coverage of the things that matter to residents of all three communities - which is always something we’re striving to do! But as always, if you think we're missing anything, let us know by emailing tara.conry@patch.com.

Manny Martinez June 26, 2012 at 01:21 PM
I do not understand why West Hempstead is being dropped from the title. The Patch is an internet based news source and "print space" is not an issue. I would ask that the Patch staff please reconsider and add West Hempstead back in the title. Thank you.
Sean Patrick Brennan June 26, 2012 at 01:38 PM
Tara is already working her tail off doing so much for our communities, and I just know she's going to be a fantastic resource for and with the residents of Lynbrook. Wishing you all the best in this new (ad)venture, Tara!
Diann Forquignon June 26, 2012 at 03:09 PM
I am also wondering why West Hempstead has been removed from the title. I think it's fantastic you are adding Lynbrook but why change the name and drop West Hempstead. If I looked at the title I would not think that our community was included. I would think it covers Malverne and Lynbrook only not West Hempstead. Please put us back in the title and perhaps make it the Malverne, West Hempstead and Lynbrook Patch.
Roseanne Lombardi Dorfman June 26, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Clearly what you're missing, is West Hempstead from the title. The fact that this 'new' Patch is serving 'both' communities instead of 'all' is possibly the reason for the name change. I sincerely hope this is not an indication of how West Hempstead happenings will be covered. I love my Patch updates! There must be a better way to add (and welcome) Lynbrook without this negative impact on West Hempstead. Please find one.
Jaime Sumersille June 26, 2012 at 07:13 PM
Hey folks! Thanks for speaking out about West Hempstead. There's been an update. Check it out here: http://malverne-westhempstead.patch.com/articles/west-hempstead-back-in-new-site-name Jaime Sumersille Regional Editor, Nassau County


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