Business Q&A: Lynbrook Runner's Stop

Clock a new personal best with the help of this Atlantic Avenue shop.

Since March of 2008, has been catering to the needs of local athletes. Whether you’re on a cross-country team, preparing to run a marathon, or just looking to get in better shape, the Atlantic Avenue shop wants to make sure that your footwear maximizes your ability. In addition to their large inventory of shoes, Lynbrook Runner’s Stop also sells apparel and accessories. Here, owner Ellen Copeman explains what makes the store stand out.   

What is your most popular item?

Our most popular item is a running shoe dispensed with real runner advice. 

What can customers find on your Web site?

Almost everything that we have in the store is offered on the Web site. If a customer can't get here, they can buy it online and have it shipped to their home. 

What is your busiest time of year?

We're busiest in September during Cross Country season and again in the spring during kids track season. During the same periods, we have adults gearing up for their fall or spring marathons or half marathons.

What do you think makes your business successful?

We're successful because we ask questions and we listen before recommending a shoe.  We'll look at someone's feet, but also their ankles and knees to determine what kind of shoe would be best for them. We want to know what kind of mileage the customer does and what kind of injuries or chronic problems they’ve had.  All of this goes into deciding what to offer [them]. We'll bring out as many shoes as it takes until we have the right fit.

How has the business changed over the last few years?

The running specialty business has evolved since we opened with the introduction of models to address the trend toward more minimal shoes.  The [biggest] change this year is that we're adding volleyball [items] to our [inventory].


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