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Business Q & A: The Kitchen Loft

Remodeling your kitchen? Stop by this Lynbrook showroom.


Since 2007, has owned and operated in Lynbrook. His services include selling and designing cabinets and counter tops. Customers can expect a more personal level of consultation and assistance when planning renovations. Here, Wangel explains what makes The Kitchen Loft a must visit for those looking to redo a kitchen or bathroom.  

What makes the Kitchen Loft unique? 

Quite frankly, it’s me. Most kitchen design showrooms will do very little in terms of getting someone at the house. I provide the cabinetry. Shops like mine usually just sell you the cabinetry and that’s it. I work with the home owner or the contractor to make sure that the installation goes well. There’s a whole lot more personal service. 

What is your busiest time of year? 

Generally, it’s in the spring - as soon as the weather starts to break. With the weather being warmer earlier this year, we’re right in the middle of it.

How would customers go about making an appointment with your business? 

Most of my business is by referral. They would call me and we’ll chat over the phone. My first consultation always takes place in the customer’s home. This gives me an idea about how it’s furnished and what their taste is. We’re going to talk about the space and I’ll take measurements. We’ll have a discussion about kitchen appliances so I can put together the right design for them. 

Has the business changed in any way since you opened The Kitchen Loft? 

100 percent. I opened this business in 2007, which was just at the point when the housing bubble burst. Prior to opening the business, people were doing a lot of refinancing and were playing with money that really wasn’t theirs. Over the course of the last few years, people have gotten very careful with what they spend. They’re doing a lot more shopping around. I find that customers are very careful about their purchases. 

What advice would you have for someone who is thinking about redoing a kitchen?

I would recommend that they start with a design professional, not to design a kitchen for them, but that person will give them an idea of what the lay of the land is. They will go through the decisions that need to be made, some things the design professional may sell and some of the things they won’t (sell). A design professional can also have a discussion about budget that home owners can get a reasonable idea of what it is they would need to spend for what their expectations are. 

For more information, visit Stephen Wangel's website

Craig Lombardo February 26, 2014 at 06:41 PM
Steve invites you for an open forum of business... 7 days a week until your check is cashed. Then, on a bad day of his, will condescendingly, commandingly and unexpectedly close off communications and refer you to his general contractor...his sole bread and butter and now I see why. Stay away, unless you're up for an imminent fight. He is also overpriced and thinks he is better than he is. Very arrogant.


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