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Businesses Open in Malverne, West Hempstead and Lynbrook Post-Sandy

A running list of stores, restaurants and services available to residents after the hurricane.

Running low on food, water, toilet paper or other necessities? Craving a hot meal?

Here's a running list of businesses in Malverne, West Hempstead and Lynbrook that are open despite the fact that Hurricane Sandy has knocked out power to tens of thousands of area residents and merchants. 

In Malverne:

  • Connolly Station (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Difference Chinese  (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Our Town Grille (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Malverne Diner (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Angelo's Pizza (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Crossroads Farm at Grossmann's (Hempstead Avenue and Ocean Avenue)
  • Malverne Public Library (St. Thomas Place; Has power and internet.)
  • Malverne Cinema(Hempstead Avenue)
  • Schwartz Family Chiropractic (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Chase Bank (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Antonio's Italian-American Deli (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Malverne Deli (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Assisi Veterinary Hospital (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Nordon Drugs (Hempstead Avenue)
  • End of the Vine Wine and Liquor (Hempstead Avenue)

In West Hempstead:

  • CVS (Hempstead Avenue)
  • McDonald's (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Hess 
  • National Wholesale Liquidators (Westminster Road and Hempstead Avenue)
  • 7-Eleven (Hempstead Avenue; Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Venus Restaurant (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Dunkin Donuts (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Gulf (Nassau Boulevard and Hempstead Avenue - no power, no gas, but convenience store open. Cash only.)
  • Lady of America Fitness (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Witches Brew (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • West Hempstead Public Library (Hempstead Avenue;Has power and internet.)
  • Lakeview Public Library (Woodfield Road)
  • Wendy's (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Riesterer's Bakery (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Hunki's Pizza (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Figaro's Wine and Liquor (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Laundromat on Hempstead Avenue
  • Cherry Valley Deli (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Tai Feng (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Millenium Cleaners (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Brothers Deli (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Burger King (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • West Hempstead Beverage (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • McDonalds (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Taco King (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Hess Express (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Subway (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Smoke Tax (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • La Rosas (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Stop and Shop (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Cherry Valley Marketplace (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Turkish Deli (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Astoria Federal Savings (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Chase (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Lantern Diner (Hempstead Turnpike)
  •  Clean Scene Laundromat (Hempstead Turnpike)
  • Mobile (Hempstead Turnpike)

In Lynbrook:

  • Brick Cafe (Lakeview Avenue)
  • CVS (Merrick Road)
  • Getty (Ocean Avenue and Lakeview Avenue)
  • Cross Island Fruits (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Regina Pizzeria (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Fu Wai Chinese (Hempstead Avenue)
  • Joe's Pizzeria (Lakeview Avenue)
  • Dunkin Donuts (Ocean Avenue)
  • Subway (Ocean Avenue)
  • Danny's Bagels (Ocean Avenue)
  • Ruffinos Italian Restaurant (Lakeview Avenue)
  • Pearsall's Station (Sunrise Highway)
  • Swingbellys (Broadway)
  • 7-Eleven (Atlantic Avenue)
  • Swiss Tavern (Ocean Avenue)
  • Tropix Fitness (Merrick Road)
  • Synergy Fitness (Merrick Road)
  • Wendy's (Merrick Road)
  • Taco Bell (Merrick Road)
  • So Far So Good (Broadway)
  • Gino's Pizza (Sunrise Highway)
  • Sunrise Laundromat (Sunrise Highway)
  • Express Pharmacy (Sunrise Highway)
  • Subway (Phillips Plaza)
  • Starbucks (Phillips Plaza)
  • Gallery Four (Broadway)
  • Lynbrook Beer and Soda (Broadway)
  • Shake a Paw (Atlantic Avenue)
  • Fibber McGees (Broadway)
  • Valencia (Broadway)
  • Mary Macs (Stauderman Avenue) 
  • Lynbrook Movie Theatre
  • Osaka Sushi (Merrick Road)
  • New Hong Kong (Merrick Road)
  • Don Giovanni Pizza (Merrick Road)
  • Pizza Hut (Merrick Road)
  • Lynbrook Quick Stop (Merrick Road) 
  • BP (Merrick Road)
  • Spirit Gas (Broadway)
  • Tea and Yoga (Atlantic Avenue)
  • Gulf (Hempstead Avenue and Franklin Avenue)
  • Cold Stone Creamery (Broadway)
  • White Castle (Sunrise Highway)

Note: Many businesses are only accepting cash because their credit card machines are not working. Please inquire within.

We'll continue to update this list. If you know of a local business that is open but not on our list, please post the information in the comments section below.

Rebeca Greif November 01, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Zaraz Collection 80 Broadway ( just off Sunrise Hwy ) CC machine is working parking in the rear come in and browse while you charge your phone
Tara Conry November 01, 2012 at 10:31 PM
More Lynbrook businesses open: So Far So Good Gino's Pizza Sunrise laundromat Express Pharmacy Subway and Starbucks in Phillips Plaza Gallery Four Lynbrook Beer and Soda Shake a Paw
Concerned citizen November 02, 2012 at 04:03 AM
Does anyone know if power has been restored near Broadway and New Street?


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