East Meadow Chamber Brainstorms for Ideas to Boost Business

Community leaders met to discuss upcoming opportunities for local merchants.

Small businesses are struggling to survive in East Meadow, but the continues to plan events and fundraisers for stores and the community.

Chamber President Millie Jones opened the June 6 general meeting at . In attendance were merchants representing diverse companies headquartered in East Meadow, from to .

After recapping last month’s agenda, Jones announced that the Chamber would celebrate new restaurant openings on June 19 with additional ribbon cuttings. 

“We’re really trying to promote each other’s businesses,” she said. “It’s tough out there… I can’t tell you how many businesses went out of business this week in East Meadow.”   

To raise awareness for East Meadow’s existing businesses, Treasurer Mitchell Allen said that the board had received a grant from Sen. Kemp Hannon, R-Garden City,  which allowed them to erect a new road sign displaying the names of several East Meadow businesses.    

“We are, as an organization, focusing on helping you grow your business and this is one of the ways we’re going to do it,” Allen said. 

The sign is located on Hempstead Turnpike by the Meadowbrook State Parkway.

Tom Vogel, who manages the Chamber’s website, added that the organization was also revamping its page to include more photos and help bring East Meadow businesses higher up on search engines.

“[The website] is a great tool,” Jones said. “And we really want to get it where it should be.”

The Board seeks to involve East Meadow residents as well, offering incentives for those who patronize the community’s businesses, Rose Fuger explained. She stated that the Chamber’s “Shop Local Program” was successful, allowing members of the local PTA to claim rebates on purchases from participating East Meadow businesses.  Additionally, the Chamber will prepare “welcome baskets” with business cards of local merchants to give to new homeowners. 

Fuger said that the Chamber is also in the process of preparing football cards, which the football team will sell; the profit will be split to benefit both organizations.

Then from June to August, the Chamber will host networking events open to all East Meadow professionals— including a Dave and Buster’s dinner in Westbury on June 19 and a wine tasting tour on August 12.

The next open meeting for East Meadow’s Chamber of Commerce is scheduled for September 5.

What else can the Chamber of Commerce do to help business thrive in East Meadow? Tell us in the comments.

Adrian Campodonico June 15, 2012 at 01:20 AM
@Marianne- The Chamber has used several of its members businesses NOT just Bars and Restaurants (That are ALL LEGAL Places of Business) Just Our last meeting was held at Sunrise Senior Living. The parking issues you have with Restaurants and Bars, ALL of that is taken into consideration when County or Town officials zone areas for commercial use. As far as your issue with alcohol at OUR Networking events- You point out a incident that you claim "someone used his fists to destroy his girlfriend and his car" THAT was NOT at OUR Event nor was it one of OUR members- THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE E.M.C.C. AGAIN I stand on my statement- I have NOT SEEN any issue or problem since I have been a member (2009) where alcohol caused a problem- Criminal or otherwise. Marianne, we are not throwing "FRAT" Parties here, I just do not see it. Thank you for your statement.
Adrian Campodonico June 15, 2012 at 01:24 AM
@ Paul- We did do an New York Islanders Night Networking event. This was a great night out and included a Buffet and Cash Bar. It was with other local Chamber members and allowed for positive networking. Stay on the look out for Our next Sporting Event Networking Night. You can follow us on Facebook at East Meadow Chamber of Commerce. Thank You for your Support.
Christine September 01, 2012 at 03:15 AM
Adrian, would love to come to open meeting on Sept. 5. Where is it taking place?
paul September 01, 2012 at 03:25 AM
The Chamber website still says: "Our monthly EMCC General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at a location to be announced at 6:30pm."
Adrian Campodonico September 05, 2012 at 10:06 PM
Majors Steak house at 6:30 the cost is $25.00. Look for or ask for myself or Millie. Thanks


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