National Wholesale Liquidators Offers Free ESL Class to Local Students

The class will return again in March 2014.

Credit: NWL
Credit: NWL

National Wholesale Liquidators of West Hempstead recently held "NWL Academy" - a free, weekly english as a second language (ESL) intensive class taught at the store.  

The class was launched in March of 2013 as an idea from Carl and Eva Rosen, founders of National Wholesale Liquidators, who believe it is an "exciting way to give back to our community," NWL said in a release.

The classes are taught by Professor George de Silva from the University of Columbia in Bogata, using original material, audio, video and class participation.  The syllabus for the class is based on common dialog and activities that are practical to people’s day-to-day lives.  Both beginner and intermediate levels are offered every Saturday beginning at 3 p.m.  

"The free Saturday afternoon classes have grown into a special community, attracting more than 50 or 60 students on some weeks," NWL said in a release. "Indeed, this past month on a Saturday, more than 20 people braved 12 inches of snow to attend the class."

On December 14, Certificates of Completion were presented to the first group of students who successfully completed all three semesters.   

Noah Rosen, whose family owns NWL, said the company is following in his grandfather’s footsteps.  

“He always likes to do good and fun things for the community,” said Rosen. "We just completed our third semester and handed out certificates of completion.  It has been so much fun and such an honor to participate in this.”

The class will take a two month sabbatical and return again in March 2014.  For additional information, please contact  NWLacademy@gmail.com or on Facebook at Facebook.com/NWLacademy.

National Wholesale Liquidators is located at 111 Hempstead Tpke. in West Hempstead. 

daria fey December 27, 2013 at 09:12 AM
What 2nd language? Spanish only?!?? What about Italian? German? French? Japanese? Oh I guess we can't press 2 for any of those languages although the people who came here from these countries LEARNED English, the Latinos refuse to learn the language because we pacify them. I live in America with so many cultures and languages, why just pick out one?


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