VIDEO: Journey To Our Town Grille

Join our quirky travel host as he visits a 1950's style luncheonette in Malverne that will make you want to hand jive.

Sitting at the countertop of Our Town Grille enjoying a homemade chocolate malt shape and admiring the 1950s' style decor, you'll feel as if you travelled back to simpler times.

It's the charm of this quaint luncheonette in Malverne, as well as the tasty food and friendly service that have made it a fixture in the community, living up to its name.

Here, the cook knows how everyone likes their eggs, the window displays are created with love and careful precision and you're likely to spot a familiar face or two.

So take a break from 2011 and join Steve Strangio as he travels to a place where the good ole days live on. (No, Delorean needed. Just click on the video above to start the journey.)

Dos Agnew October 06, 2011 at 07:35 PM
I grew up in Maverne, and ate at the luncheonette as a teenager, so glad to see it's still there!


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