The Schlitt Law Firm New Website Listed as One of the Nation’s Best

The Schlitt Law Firm announced that its newly redesigned website has been listed as one of the best legal websites in the nation. The highly respected, award winning law firm handles personal injury and medical malpractice cases in the New York metropolitan area.  Founding partner Carol L. Schlitt said, “We wanted a website that was more than a mere advertisement; we wanted a site that helped our clients and prospective clients by meeting their needs and sharing information. We are pleased to that our work has been recognized.”


“Our website reflects our commitment to transparency and education,” said Ms. Schlitt. By incorporating the firm’s leading legal blog, New York Law Thoughts, the website offers hundreds of articles, consumer guides and how-too information on everything from what to wear to court to how to win a car accident or slip and fall case. “We give away information so that visitors will see our knowledge, experience, openness and commitment to communication and education.”


We seek ways to communicate with our clients so we have made a commitment to social media enabling our clients many ways to connect with us. Our website, www.Schlittlaw.com, provides the central online location for our firm, but we reach our clients in other forums too, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


“We are an intentionally small, mission driven firm focused on our clients. We deliver personal, high responsive services. While small and personal, we have the resources and strength to match the largest law firms and the fact that our website was listed among the best in the nation helps prove that point.” Lawyerist.com, a national legal blog that focuses on marketing and technology issues, included the Schlitt Law Firm website, www.SchlitLaw.com, as one of the nominees for best in the country.


The Schlitt Law Firm retained a fast-rising local developer, Scott Daugherty, because he has a track record of excellent production, innovation and the ability to work with small, customer-oriented firms. “He gave us the clean, fresh and technologically advanced design that we wanted,” said Ms. Schlitt.


The Schlitt Law Firm is a plaintiff-only personal injury and medical malpractice firm serving the New York metropolitan area. The firm emphasizes client services and is built on the values of communication, education and responsiveness. The firm operates an office at 79 Wall Street in Huntington Village and has a location in the Bronx.

For more information, please visit www.SchlittLaw.com or call 1-800-660-1466.  



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