Lynbrook HS Students Earn 19 Intel Badges

Twelve students recognized through new digital badging system.

Lynbrook High School students who entered the 2013 Intel Science Talent Search recently earned a total of 19 digital badges.

This is the first year that Intel and the Society for Science & the Public introduced a digital badging system to recognize special student achievement. The concept of digital badging was instituted as a means to inspire learning, confirm accomplishment and validate the acquisition of knowledge or skills.

Three categories of badges were awarded. Each student who entered the competition received an entry badge, indicating that they had met all of the rigorous requirements of the competition. Initiative badges were awarded to students to acknowledge exceptional accomplishments relative to available resources. Report badges recognized exceptionally well-written college-level reports.

These awards were selected via the same judging process by which semifinalists are selected, but are independent of the semifinalist award. It is notable that even semifinalists are not guaranteed an initiative or report badge if they did not score as well in these particular aspects of the competition.

Lynbrook seniors Zoe Daniels and Rose Paskoff were awarded all three badges, which recognized them for entry, initiative and report quality. This is the highest honor that can be achieved through the digital badging system.

In addition to the entry badge, seniors Stephanie Mertz, Nicolai Tayco, Olivia Watman and Brandon Wong all earned research badges.

Maxwell Brown, Dana Fader, Jordan Goldsamt, Tess Lewin-Jacus, Olivia Mooney and Edward Tischler each received an entry badge.


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