Lynbrook's Lowest Gas Prices

Patch's weekly guide to the best deals in the village.

There's no doubt that gas prices are on the rise, but some companies are charging more than others.

In this weekly feature, Lynbrook Patch details the lowest prices in the village, courtesy of motortrend.com.

The lowest-priced regular gas is $3.899 per gallon, at Citgo (1 Lakeview Avenue), (710 Merrick Road), and BP (440 Sunrise Highway). at 351 Scranton Avenue has the lowest price on plus gas, at $3.959 per gallon. And (710 Merrick Road) has premium gas for $4.099 per gallon, the lowest-priced premium in Lynbrook.

The most-expensive regular gas is $4.089 per gallon, at (257 Merrick Road). at 265 Sunrise Highway has the highest-priced plus gas, at $4.099 per gallon, and premium gas, at $4.239 per gallon.

Be sure to check back next Monday for next week's lowest gas prices.


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