Lynbrook's Lowest Gas Prices

Gas prices just under $4 per gallon at some stations.

So there's good news and bad news regarding gas prices in Lynbrook this week.

The good news is that you can still find gas for under $4 a gallon. The bad news is that the lowest prices are just one cent under $4 a gallon.

So while you'll still be paying a lot for gas, Lynbrook Patch did some research and found the lowest prices in town.

Three stations have regular gas for $3.999 per gallon: Citgo at 1 Lakeview Avenue, Gulf at 4 Ocean Avenue, and at 710 Merrick Road. Plus gas is $4.059 per gallon at two BP stations (440 Sunrise Highway and ). Sunoco at 351 Scranton Avenue has the lowest price on premium gas, at $4.199 per gallon.

Gulf at 2 Franklin Avenue has the highest prices on regular gas ($4.219 per gallon) and plus gas ($4.319 per gallon). at 265 Sunrise Highway has the highest-priced premium gas, at $4.359 per gallon.

Be sure to check back next Monday for next week's lowest gas prices.


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