Moms Q&A: Should Your Kids Help With Chores?

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Once a week on Lynbrook Patch, we're going to post Moms Q&A, an interactive feature in which village moms can discuss, debate or brainstorm parenting ideas with fellow parents.

Our Lynbrook Patch Moms Council, currently comprised of three Lynbrook mothers, will help get the conversation started. All residents are welcome to comment, though we do ask that all commenters be courteous and respectful of one another.

This week's question is: Should your kids help with household chores? If so, what is the appropriate age for them to start, and why?

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Julie O'Connell March 19, 2011 at 04:25 PM
Absolutely! A child is never too young to learn to help out at home. Starting when your child is young makes it a natural part of how they contribute to the family. As parents it is our job to teach children that things do not get done by magic. Involving them in cleaning, laundry, making their beds, taking the garbage out, recycling, etc. are all great ways to get kids started. You can make a chart to help children with the process. Eventually, the goal is that they just do it without being told. I am always so proud of my 8 year old when he offers on his own to do the chores we taught him to do since he was young. Starting from when they are young will help to ensure that they will be self-sufficient adults someday. Also, kids usually really enjoy helping out!
Zaleina Kartick March 21, 2011 at 12:18 AM
There is a certain pride that your child will feel after helping you prepare tonight's dinner, getting all soapy and washing the car together before going on a big trip, or just helping you rake the leaves in the back yard - it's free family time together! Of course, the daily, routine tasks like setting up the table for meals, washing dishes after dinner , or picking up all the toys in their room before bedtime may not raise much enthusiasm but years later, it will teach them how important it is not to take short-cuts and do things properly and consistently. Starting from age 3, there are many chores that can be broken down into manageable tasks for your child; it doesn't matter how insignificant it seems to put forks and cups on the table, they're learning what it means to be part of a family.


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