Vintage View: Timeless Twilight in Malverne

Retro-looking photos as darkness descends on the village of Malverne.

Rush hour can be the prettiest part of the day around this time of the year...minus the gridlock traffic and long train commute.

As the sun goes down and darkness creeps in, the lights come on around town, creating some scenic views like these captured in the heart of Malverne.

We shot them using the very cool Hipstamatic photo app. Hipstamatic, similar to Instagram (both work with iPhones) and Retroid for Android phones, uses different lenses to make the photos we take today look like they are from decades ago. It's very retro.

Here's an example of other local landmarks in Malverne and West Hempstead, we've given the 'Hip' treatment.

Want to partake in the photo app fun?

  1. Download one of these apps to your smartphone.
  2.  Head to a local spot.
  3.  Start snapping away.
  4. Then, send your images to Tara.Conry@Patch.com. (If we use your photos, you'll get a Patch prize!)


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