Lynbrook Baptist Church Presents $1,000 Check to Community Chest

Rev. Bob Walderman of the Lynbrook Baptist Church presented a $1,000 check to Laura Ryder, Chairperson of the Lynbrook Community Chest, on Sunday, January 12. 

"It is part of our church's mission to minister to our neighbors, both spiritually and materially," Walderman said.

The church has been part of the Lynbrook community for the past 100 years, celebrating their centennial in July. 

"We work with our community as well as do things for our community, motivated by and seeking to share the love of Christ Jesus," Walderman said. 

"Since the Community Chest organization is already in place and effectively meeting the needs of Lynbrook residents, we see no need to "reinvent the mousetrap", but join with them in their good work to those in need," he said. 


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