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Do You Give to Panhandlers?

With increased number of panhandlers spotted from Bellmore to Riverhead raising questions about scams, do you open your wallet or ignore them?

Panhandling, an activity common on many busy New York City street corners, has been increasingly common on Long Island triggering suspicion and cause for alarm. 

Patch reported in "Locals Fear Panhandlers Might be Scammers" that a local blog "She Thinks That..."  gave detailed reports of panhandler sightings on Aug. 29 and questioned if Long Islanders were being swindled by the "not-so-homeless." 

Many reported seeing a family that moved from outside Target in Commack to Walmart in Setauket, and further east, where a man, woman and children were holding signs and asking passers-by for money. 

Patch readers responded with hundreds of emails and comments, with reports of additional sightings and their gut emotional response to these panhandlers. 

Some of our readers have helped and given to these panhandlers

"Yes, i have helped a family husband wife [supposedly] and infant and child in hand standing by exit door of king kullen st james ny with a sign in need of help [money] for food and rental money so they wouldn't be living on the street your article on this matter just confirms my belief in second guessing my decision to help when it is a scam it is sad that you want to help but am being taken advantage of," commented John Matthew.

Others reported sightings:

"Holy Cow! This exact same thing is going down right now at the Shopping Center I shop at in Yaphank! Guy with kids in tow holding a sign claiming he needs money for food & rent. What annoyed me was that he's standing in front of a store that has a huge "Help Wanted" sign in the window! Next time I see him there, you bet your ass I'll be calling the police," wrote John Massaro. 

Some believed if local residents stopped giving these panhandlers their hard-earned cash, they will go away. 

Tracy wrote," Come on people; stop feeling bad for these scammers. You work hard for your money. Stop handing it over to someone who should be doing the same! Instead of sitting in a shopping center for hours on end begging for money, they should be out all those hours looking for a job. I'm sorry but they get away with it because you are giving in and feeling bad. Well stop! Then they will go away!"

We'd like to ask, do you give to panhandlers? If so, are you more likely to give them cash or donate food/clothing? Do you refuse and point them towards local nonprofits? 

Tell us in the comments below. 

hypocrite September 12, 2012 at 02:16 PM
When a panhandler asks me for money, my response to them is "Gee I was about to ask you for money to help pay my mortage". I always get a nasty look and they walk away.
lucky libra September 12, 2012 at 04:06 PM
it depends, most of the time if you take a good look, you can tell if they are a fake, if they ask for a specific amount as they do sometimes, definetly NO !!!!!
paul September 13, 2012 at 02:21 AM
To Charles F. Lattka: If you think that you can tell they are a "fake" then they are smarter than you think.....
paul September 13, 2012 at 02:45 AM
We'd like to ask, do you give to panhandlers? NO NO NO NO NO These folks are smarter than you think. I tell them to move on and go someplace else.... If they become aggressive I advise the store manager who in turn usually calls the police. If they dont, I might. The police will come and usually do a warrant check on the individual and beleive it or not wow arrest for an open warrant. Why am I not surprised. Do not give them anything . They are preying on you and your emotions. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY.... PERIOD.... THEY ARE LIKE STRAY ANIMALS. FEED THEM AND THEY GO NOWHERE....
Al September 13, 2012 at 03:46 PM
Well, you gotta hand it to the Mexicans that hang out at the Home Depot looking for work. At least they're not begging for money, just the chance to get a day job. I don't think a lot of these people are scammers but they would be better off looking for a job than hoping to get a "big payday" asking others for money.


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