it's a beautiful day... for a secret

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. It's also the quickest path. Sort of like how a railroad track lines up. It's also said, that it is the journey not the destination that matters most. In life, how many of us race here and there and miss all the "magic"? It's in the meandering and encounters that put some spice into our otherwise black and white world. It's all work during the week and relaxation only on the weekends. We fail miserably to try to unwind at night, from all our stress during the day. Yet as we age, we continuously question our choices previously made. Rarely satisfied, mostly disappointed and unfulfilled, void to utopia. We still retain past glimpses of contentment. We attempt to focus on the positive, which heavily outweighs the chaos of sunken dreams. So how do we keep our heads in the clouds and our armor impenetrable?
The correct answer is just a thought away. A thought you control. I can't tell you how to arrive in your nirvana... but I can tell you this: it is always there!
You'll know when you grasp it. You'll keep it as long as humanly possible. Then it will evaporate. Or so you think? In reality, it's transfixed to your soul. It never even left you. You just couldn't put your finger on it as rapidly as you would like to. Remember- the shortest distance is a straight line into your heart. Normally G-d would have to kill you, for you to understand the message. Now you know!!


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