Rocket Attacks Against Israel are ‘a Grave and Immediate Threat’

Congresswoman McCarthy issues statement on rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza.

With the rocket attacks from Gaza that have barraged Israel this week, Israel and its citizens are under a grave and immediate threat and need the world’s support right now.

Israel has been suffering a barrage of rocket fire by terrorists from Gaza recently and has not just the right but the obligation to defend itself and its citizens with a forceful response that will stop the shelling.

The rocket attacks against Israel are an unconscionable act of terrorism and the world community – starting with the United States and its Congress – should stand behind Israel as she defends herself.

These attacks against Israel are a major setback to peace in the region and need to stop immediately.

Carolyn McCarthy is the representative of New York’s Fourth Congressional District. She was first elected in 1996.

ann garcia November 17, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Yeah and the genocide of palestinians continues and innocent children women men are dying, and are constantly harrassed by israeli soldiers and are barricaded inside gaza with no access to the outside world and are kept from medical food and basic human rights and they have no reason to fight back? There's TWO sides of a story and then there's the truth, and we all see it.
hypocrite November 17, 2012 at 07:22 PM
......gee Ann with comments such as yours you might be labeled as anti-semetic. Maybe when israel stops building settlements and abides by UN resolution 242 which was unaminously adopted by the UN Security council back on November 22,1967, the conflict there MIGHT stop.


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