Car Flips on Dogwood Avenue in West Hempstead

Slippery roads most likely contribute to this one-car accident Monday night.

A rain-drenched roadway and slippery leaves may have played a role in this single-car accident on Dogwood Avenue in West Hempstead late Monday evening.

The male driver was able to escape with minor injuries after his car flipped over and landed on a guardrail near Cornwell Avenue.

Lakeview volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel were on the scene along with Nassau County and Malverne police.

fredo October 16, 2012 at 01:33 PM
where are all the police we are paying a fortune for - bothy state (on the SS Parkway) and local (on these 30 mph village roads)???? START ENFORCING THE SPEED LIMITS INSTEAD OF ALL THESE BS HARASSMENT MONEY MAKING SCHEMES LIKE RED LIGHT CAMERAS AND SEAT BELTS


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