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Crime Report: Cars Scratched, Windows Smashed Nearby

Nassau County Police report damage to multiple cars in the area.

18 cars were damaged across Nassau County in one week with most of the reports stemming from the South Shore, reported Nassau County Police.

Victims reported tire slashings, cars being scratched and keyed, and rocks being thrown at windows in the area in their latest crime report.

Many of the incidents took place overnight or during working hours, according to reports.

Here is the full rundown of all damaged cars reported by Nassau County Police:

  • May 15: Austin Boulevard, North Long Beach; rock thrown at parked car.
  • May 15: Avenue A and Nassau Road, Uniondale; car keyed, front seats scratched.
  • May 15: Centennial Avenue, Baldwin; passenger side window broken on car.
  • May 15: Franklin Place and Cedar Lane, Woodmere; tires slashed on parked car.
  • May 15: Everit Avenue, Hewlett; scratches found on parked car.
  • May 15: The Crescent, Roslyn Heights; tires slashed.
  • May 16: Avoca Avenue, Massapequa Park; passenger side window broken on unlocked car.
  • May 16: Marriott Hotel, Uniondale; windshield damaged on parked car.
  • May 16: Sunrise Mall, Massapequa; tires slashed on parked car.
  • May 17: Gleaner Lane, Levittown; parked car keyed.
  • May 17: East Cedar Street, Massapequa; passenger side window broken on parked car.
  • May 17: North Delaware Avenue, North Massapequa; passenger side window smashed on parked car.
  • May 18: Clifford Place, East Norwich; car keyed.
  • May 19: Hewlett Drive, North Woodmere; car damaged.
  • May 21: Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, Cedarhurst; window smashed on parked car.
  • May 20: Moore Avenue, Oceanside; car keyed.
  • May 21: Washington Avenue, Mineola; car keyed.
  • May 21: Sycamore Avenue, Glen Head; window smashed on parked car.
the big kahuna May 28, 2014 at 02:16 PM
has Lynbrook just stopped reporting crime oR has the illustrious police chief wiped out crime in this area????
Laurie Sykes May 28, 2014 at 03:35 PM
you can add another to the list- Levittown, may 25- windshield smashed.
FedUpRealist May 28, 2014 at 06:56 PM
If u catch 'em, break EVERY one of their fingers...And for good measure, give 'em a shot in the mouth (I'm pretty sure they're wise-asses, too)...If at all possible, shun their parents just for spawning such miserable punks (the apple usually doesn't fall from the white trash can/uterus it came from)....
Susie Que May 28, 2014 at 09:31 PM
Also Levittown,May 24 van STOLEN not vandalized
Joe Mahoney May 29, 2014 at 08:33 AM
Time for a garage. How can a $50,000 ride be left on the street I don't know. Belonging to a '60's only car club (AMYS), we stay very near our rides so they aren't touched (look but don't touch) at car shows. Of course, afterwards, our rides are locked into a secure climate controlled garage. The same with our daily drivers. Come on, garage that new Durango Hemi!


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