Crime Watch: Lakeview Homes Burglarized, Bikes Stolen

See what crimes were reported in the neighborhood this week.

The following information was supplied by the Nassau County Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.


Two homes in Lakeview, one located on Langdon Boulevard and , were burglarized on May 29.

A home on Dauntless Parkway in Elmont was also burglarized on May 29. 

A burglary was reported on June 3 at a home on Wellington Road in Garden City South.

An Elmont salon located on Hempstead Turnpike was burglarized on June 2.


A car was stolen sometime between May 28 and May 29 while parked on Hoffman Avenue in Elmont.

A car that had been parked on Brentwood Lane in Valley Stream was stolen on June 2. Tires and rims were stolen from another vehicle parked on this same street overnight between June 1 and June 2.

A car was that been parked at the intersection of Lakeview Avenue and Hempstead Avenue in Lynbrook was stolen on June 3.

Another car was stolen on June 3 from the Green Acres Mall parking lot in Valley Stream.


A bicycle was stolen from a location on Fletcher Avenue in Valley Stream on May 29. Another bike was stolen between May 28 and May 29 in Elmont from a Butler Boulevard location.

Two lawn chairs were stolen on May 31 from the front porch of a Valley Stream home on Sumpter Place.

A bicycle was also stolen on June 2 from the driveway of a North Valley Stream home located on Greenway Boulevard.

An unlocked bicycle was stolen from the bike rack outside the Elmont Public Library in Elmont on June 3.


An unknown person entered an unlocked vehicle parked on Buxton Avenue in West Hempstead between June 3 and June 4 and stole property from inside.

An unknown person entered a vehicle parked on Lehrer Avenue in Elmont between June 2 and June 3 and stole property from inside.

Property was also removed from a vehicle parked on Lucille Avenue in Elmont on June 1 by an unknown person.


An unknown suspect, or suspects, spray-painted block letters in white paint on a building located on N. Corona Avenue in Valley Stream between May 28 and May 29.

Three sprinkler heads were stolen from a sprinkler system at a location on Nassau Boulevard in West Hempstead on May 31.

A garbage pail was damaged between May 29 and May 30 at a location on Parkway Drive in Elmont when an unknown person spray-painted it blue.

The rear windshield of a car parked on Nassau Street in Elmont on May 29 was shattered by an unknown person.

An unknown person slashed all four tires of a vehicle parked on Ruby Street in Elmont on May 31.

The front driver's side window of a vehicle that had been parked on Porter Street in Elmont on June 2 was broken by an unknown person who then removed property from inside.

An unknown person slashed the rear driver's side tire of a woman's car that had been parked on New York Avenue in Elmont on June 2.

Someone spray-painted a vehicle that had been parked on Crown Avenue in Elmont between June 3 and June 4.

If you have questions about this crime report, email Tara.Conry@Patch.com.

vincent cruz June 07, 2012 at 12:30 PM
We need to have Police officers doing foot patrol around our neighborhoods.
Highlander June 08, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Is there really no crime in Malverne? or are the crimes not reported by the Mal. PD. Just recently,(this week) a home on Norwood Ave near Cornwell was bugularized and ransacked. The owner lost jewerly and personal items. Not surprisingly it is not mentioned in the patch's crime listing. The people of Malverne have the right to know what is actually happening in their community, good or bad! Crime doesn't only happen in W.H. or V.S. it doesn't stop at the border. With the amount these officers earn, and with how much we pay in taxes to the village, we should be able to view these crime reports!
Frank June 08, 2012 at 04:08 PM
@ Vincent. Absolutely on the money. BTW did you read about that gang in bandanas that punked two kids at the bus stop? How does four armed bandits roam the streets of Lakeview without raising alarm? Cops on Foot Patrol would have prevented that for sure.
Highlander June 11, 2012 at 01:21 PM
Tara / Patch Staff, Why hasn't this comment been addressed? What are the MPD officers doing that they cannot submit a police report?


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