Driver Seriously Injured After Car Slams Into Bus

Police and firefighters respond to crash on Woodfield Road in West Hempstead.

A woman was seriously injured Friday afternoon when her car plowed into the rear of a public bus that was stopped on Woodfield Road in West Hempstead.

The NICE bus, which was carrying roughly 15 passengers aboard, was stopped at the corner of Elm Street when the sedan slammed into the rear. According to one source at the scene, the woman may have been texting while driving when the accident occurred.

A male driver stopped by the firehouse on Woodfield Road to report the accident, according to Lakeview Fire Chief Heather Senti. Upon investigation, Lakeview firefighters headed to the scene, where they found the vehicle and notified the West Hempstead Fire Department, as this section of Woodfield Road is located in West Hempstead's fire district. They responded with their ambulance as did Nassau County Police, and attended to the injured driver.

Traffic on the busy street was shut down in both directions as police investigate the accident.

Jane Levine May 26, 2012 at 06:38 AM
What makes the police say the driver was texting do they have proof? Things like this happens often and Texting isn't the cause. Stop assuming and do an complete investigation please.
Vincent Spano May 27, 2012 at 05:59 PM
Proof could be that the texting would be time dated also if there was no brake marks on the street.
barak saidoff July 25, 2012 at 02:04 AM
i was turning onto my block where i live (elm street) and i heard a boom so me n my dad got out and he carried her out of her car where she was having seizures cause she also wasn't wearing a seat belt and slammed her head on the windsheild. causeing the windsheild to crack as u can see in the picture. the bus was letting ppl off at that stop on woodfeild and she was txting and didnt see the bus stop and slammed into it and shatered her skull. she died 24 hours later in the hospital.
Chrissie Quinones July 30, 2012 at 12:52 AM
@Barak saidoff..... First off let me say that I'm the young ladies mother && my daughter was not texting ..the detectives took her phone && investigated the situation && they checked her call log from our cell phone carrier && found out that she was NOT TEXTING!! it was simply an accident !! If you did take my daughter out the car I thank you !! But ur information is wrong bcs she did not die && she was released from the hospital a week later!! My daughter is doing wonderful && she was able to attend her Graduation from High School!!! If you don't have the correct info I urge you to find out FACTS before you get on social network with FALSE INFO!! ThankYou in advance && have a bless day


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