Lynbrook Merchants Credited for Helping Nab Pharmacy Robber

Lynbrook police said that Harry Levitt, of Mur-Lees and Stu Miller, of Miller's Hardware, were instrumental in helping catch the suspect Monday.

Lynbrook police recently arrested a who struck a local pharmacy two times in three days. However, they might not have even caught him if it weren't for the quick thinking of two nearby storeowners.

Harry Levitt, of , and Stu Miller, of , were "instrumental" in helping nab Joseph Chieffo, who robbed on both Saturday and Monday, Lynbrook police said.

"They called us and pointed out the suspect's location on Merrick Road," Lynbrook Police Inspector Ron Fleury said.

Miller just happened to be inside the pharmacy when it happened. Him and owner Kanti Vadsola pointed out Chieffo to Levitt, who was walking down the street at the time.

Levitt had heard about Saturday's robbery, and quickly ran after the suspect.

"I ran down the block to Stu, who was pointing to where he was, so I just said 'Let's get him,'" Levitt said.

The reason Lynbrook police might have not have caught him - Levitt said Chieffo threw out the brown hoodie he was wearing on Merrick Road and ran inside a deli with a white and blue shirt on. Levitt called police immediately to tell them this.

Levitt said he didn't confront the suspect for several reasons.

"I've had shoplifters, you just get angry," he said. "But with this, considering what has happened before ... it was just in the back of my mind."

Miller gave all the credit to Levitt in helping police catch Chieffo. "It was all him," he said. 

Lynbrook merchants said they feel safe because the incidents of the past week are , but Levitt said it's important that they always be alert.

"Lynbrook police are absolutely great, but we have to understand they can't be here 24/7," he said. "We have to be here for each other."

Jim Tisdell January 17, 2012 at 09:25 PM
Congrats to Harry & Stu... It takes courage to chase down a criminal and report it to the police. Well done gentlemen, Well done.


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