Man Arrested after Assaulting Officer at Jail

Dominic Cowan, 21, was at the East Meadow facility to post bond for an inmate.

A Freeport man was arrested for assaulting a officer Friday after he allegedly refused to turn his cell phone off at the front gate.

According to police, Dominic Cowan, 21, was at the East Meadow jail to post bond for an inmate. When the officer asked Cowan to shut off his phone, he became agitated. Police said he then mouthed off to officers and then refused to post the inmate's bond.

Cowan was then told to leave the facility, according to police, and he refused to do so. Cowan than charged at the officer and a struggle ensued, and the officer was injured. He was able to push his body alarm for assistance, police said, and backup arrived to arrest Cowan.

The officer was treated at for his injuries, police added.

"These are the type of incidents Correction Officers are up against every day they go to work," said John Jaronczyk, President of the Nassau Sheriff Officers Association. "Correction Officers are constantly under the threat of attack, which reinforces how important proper staffing and supervision are. I commend our Officers handling of these incidents to prevent any further injuries to officers or inmates. Correction Officers have the toughest job in law enforcement, and we are working to ensure our membership is protected and has the resources available to them to carry out their job safely and effectively."

Adrian Campodonico March 05, 2012 at 05:18 AM
Just a glimpse of the everyday dangers that Correction Officers face BUT the public never hears of. I understand that its only a very small percent of the citizens here in Nassau that know we have a Correctional Center here or where it is (100 Carmen Avenue, East meadow, N.Y. 11554-1549) And an even smaller number of residents will ever actually step foot on the property, BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND, RESPECT AND SUPPORT THE 1026 MEN AND WOMAN THAT ARE WORKING THE TOUGHEST PRECINCT IN NASSAU COUNTY- THAT'S ALL THEY EVER ASK FOR!. JOB WELL DONE BY ALL-GET WELL SOON!!!
John Maffeo March 05, 2012 at 02:00 PM
It is unfortunate that community does not realize how dangerous correction officers jobs are. As correctional officers we are not driving around in patrol cars but we patrolling the toughest neighborhoods in the united States


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