Police: Thieves Use Diversion to Steal From Malverne Home

Resident on Nottingham Road is tricked by pair of burglars.

A Malverne home was burglarized last week while the owner was still home by a pair that used a diversion scheme.

According to the Malverne Police, two subjects, a man and woman, came to the front door of a home on Nottingham Road just before noon on Dec. 20. The homeowner opened the door and spoke to the subjects, bringing one of them to the rear of the house. 

While the owner was distracted at the back of the house, the other subject reportedly entered through the front door and stole items from the home, Lt. Stan Kid of the Malverne Police told Patch. The twosome then fled the scene.

occurred three days later in West Hempstead. No arrests have been made.


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