Road Rage Chase Ends in Car Striking Lynbrook Home

Father and son inside Whitehall Street home when car slams into exterior wall.

A dispute between two drivers led to a chase around North Lynbrook Monday evening that ended when one of the vehicles slammed into an occupied home on Whitehall Street.

The incident which involved a white Volkswagen Bug and white four-door Chrysler began blocks away at the site of an accident on Franklin Avenue in Valley Stream near the Sunoco gas station. A passenger inside the Bug said the driver of the Chrysler was trying to go around their vehicle but then eventually yielded. The situation escalated when both cars reached the stop light at Cornwell Avenue, where the driver of the Chrysler allegedly approached the Bug, and started banging on the window. The driver of the Volkswagen rolled down his window and the two men exchanged words. When the light turned green, the Volkswagen pulled over to the side of the road to let the Chrysler pass him, but as the driver was doing so he allegedly hurled a glass bottle at the rear windshield of the Bug, shattering the glass and denting the metal.

The Chrysler allegedly sped away but the Bug pursued it, while calling police, in order to get the license plate number. The chase went through the back streets of North Lynbrook. As both cars were coming down Kensington Road the Chrysler attempted to make a sharp left turn on Whitehall Street, an eyewitness told Patch, but the driver lost control of the car and slammed into a house on the corner.

The homeowner, a father of two, and his teenage son were both sitting in their living room at the time. The boy was on the couch with his back to a window that faces Whitehall. It was his father, who was sitting across from him, who looked outside and saw the car speeding toward them.

"I screamed his name, he runs and then it hits the wall," he said. "[The driver] didn't hit the breaks, he just hit the wall and that stopped him."

The wall that the car hit was a stone facade that juts out from the house.

"It saved him from hitting the window," the homeowner told Patch, and possibly causing more damage.

The driver of the Chrysler, who appeared to be in his late teens or twenties, was arrested at the scene and had his license revoked. The vehicle was impounded. He had a female passenger, who appeared to be around the same age, in the car with him. No injuries were reported.

Nassau County and Lynbrook Police both responded.

Concerned Citizen July 24, 2012 at 11:08 PM
This has to stop! I cant even take out my garbage without beind haggled by local dirtbags
Be Real July 25, 2012 at 04:28 AM
This guy should be commended for doing what everyone deep down actually wants to when som d-bag cuts you off. Let him free
Mrs Vincent July 25, 2012 at 12:54 PM
I have been cut off plenty of times and brush it off. If a driver is in that much of a hurry knock yourself out. My goal is to make it safely and calmly to my destination. I don't understand what possess a person to curse or get out of their car to confront another driver. Another negative action was throwing a glass bottle at the driver.of the Volkswagen and shattered the rear window what if it seriously injured or killed the driver or a pedestrian? I am sure he wouldn't have thought twice and sped away. To make matters even worse he could of killed a small boy who had just finished playing in the front yard of his home. Luckily for the stone facade or this nut could of rammed into this house killing a family!. Something has to be done especially If drugs are involved. This behavior and others should have repercussion. Including flashing brights, speeding,racing,continuous honking, speeding around a driver, and tailgating. There has to be a consequence to correct drivers who think they are above the law. Whether we are driving or walking in our neighborhood we have to keep our FAMILIES safe.
On The Road July 25, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Why don't you be REAL, there was a merge he was already in the lane but the light stopped him from getting in completely. A-hole driving the 300c wanted to ram the beetle, and not let him, why in such a rush. To inexperienced to know how lanes merge into each other, one at a time. That wasn't being cut off. By your comment I can see that your to young and stupid. Probably on the same drugs as the driver. The driver of the 300C had the stones to bang on this guys window and start arguing in front of his wife and then throws a bottle at the car, real mature. In America that's called a FELONY!! Criminal Mischief, being vandalize is not something you do as a human, only animals act in this manner. Plus the driver in the beetle had all the right to chase after someone who just committed a crime against him. Let some one ruin your property and bolt away and see if you don't give chase. What's the excuse for running after he crashed into the house, leaving the female passenger in the vehicle. Ooh yeah cause he had to ditch his drug stash. This kid got what he deserved and should learn from his stupidity.
Lynbrook Mom July 25, 2012 at 02:36 PM
Dear Be Real - I'm sure your comment would be a lot different if that car were pointed in the direction of YOUR FAMILY. Obviously, you have no regard for human life. Perhaps one day, it will be your head smashed thru a windshield. Sadly, thats the way people like you learn their lesson. Real enough?
ImPaul July 25, 2012 at 04:41 PM
Thank goodness no one was hurt. I'm glad to see that this jackass' license was immediately revoked and that he was arrested. Thanks too go out to the police for impounding his car. I hope his license stays revoked for a VERY long time! He needs to learn the consequences of such reckless and thoughtless behavior. If he turns out to be one of those persistent violators who continue to drive w/ a suspended/revoked license - then I hope they throw the proverbial book at him
Julie July 25, 2012 at 07:04 PM
I am guessing that what is left out in this story is that the driver of the beetle was probably chasing the man down to get his license plate number to report his wreck less drive to the cops. Would you be so quick as to let somebody throw a bottle at your car with your loved ones inside as let them get away with it? This story has holes in it. That is plain to see.
HeyIKnowThatGuy July 25, 2012 at 09:07 PM
It's not left out, Julie. It's right there in print. The driver of the Chrysler tossed a bottle at the Bug and broke it's rear window. Bug chased Chrysler down to notify police. Chrysler driver lost control and hit the house. Cut and dry.
Rosa Velt July 26, 2012 at 04:10 AM
Be real , NOT, your really unreal, by your comment you sound insane. No one has the right to harm another person. Regardless of your perception of what people really want to do is a statement of a fool with anger. Get real and learn to be peaceable. That's the right thing to do. Freedom comes with responsibility. this young driver needs to drive like most responsible people do with caution and respect for others. Stop road rage and aggressive behavior behind the wheel. Report dangerous drivers. I hope this young guy learns from his mistakes.
JOHN C. July 27, 2012 at 12:18 AM
beetle smettle. do you stay up up late watching some trashy reality show then wake up grumpy depending on a caffeine loaded beverage to wake up? are you the driver who is going 20,30,40 miles over the speed limit , talking on your cell phone, tailing the guy in front of you, passing people giving dirty looks, jeoparding an accident? all because you have a habit of leaving for work at the last minute? then you too my find yourself in a beetle bug road rage life threatning situation too. arent you a GOD fearing law- abiding citizen with a clean license that makes full stops at stop signs. if not then....... start by changing your ways. get to bed a little earlier plan your day ahead, shut the damn tv off, get 7-8 hrs. sleep, wake up fresh ready to go . get out the door 20 to 30 minutes earlier. you'll feel better you'll handle the stress better, and watch all the idiots zooming to work as you take your time keeping enough distance from the nut who has to jam on his brakes. and you can arrive at work early and enjoy that cup of coffee instead of gulping it down as you speed to work. i got into good driving habits years ago and it works great for me. try it for a week and then you can thank me for the advice. look folks theirs nuts out there don't get yourself in those situations, start by shutting the tv off and get your needed rest. peace!!


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