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Tell Us: Nassau Gun Buy Back

The county will be paying cash for firearms. Will that make us safer?

There has been much debate since the Newtown tragedy about whether getting guns off the street will make a difference.

Nassau County will try to get some firearms back this month at a Gun Buy-Back program set for Feb. 16. 

It's not the first time the county has done this, and they've certainly had gun buy-backs prior to Newtown. Other areas have run similar programs and they're usually successful at recovering weapons.

But we want to know if you think this type of program makes us safer.

NYB February 07, 2013 at 07:37 AM
Not one bit safer! The people turning in these guns are composed of four major groups. a) Non-criminals who have old guns worth less on the open market than what the county is paying. b) The elderly who have heirlooms and historically significant relics that they should be keeping for self-defense or passing on to responsible heirs. c) People who associate with criminals and steal their guns to turn a quick buck to buy other contraband. d) Criminals who go out and steal guns from law abiding citizens and use the County as a quick and safe source of profit or criminals looking to dispose of a crime gun. The truth is that most illicit guns are stolen guns and that most departments make no effort to return them to the rightful owners and make no effort to prosecute those who knowingly possess stolen property. Gun buybacks are nothing more than the government financing crime and incentivizing theft. Feel-good measures by politicians looking for votes. Does anyone really believe that any criminal out there is going to give up their only gun for $100 or $200? We should be spending money to fix the social problems that lead to criminality and violence. What's next? Knife buybacks? Hammers killed more people than rifles per the FBI stats...so, claw hammer buybacks? Our time and money can be spent elsewhere.
fred February 08, 2013 at 12:40 PM
The problem with this program is even if it is highly successful and a million guns were turned in, there are still 299 million guns out there!


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