Tires and Rims Thieves Strike Again in Malverne

Malverne Police say thieves appear to be targeting Nissan Maximas.

It happened again.

A Malverne resident living on Foster Avenue stepped outside his home Tuesday morning to find one of his vehicles parked in the driveway but resting on cinder blocks, its tires and rims gone, stolen by thieves while he slept.

This has become a common sighting throughout Nassau County's Fifth Precinct, withreported in West Hempstead, Lakeview, Franklin Square, Elmont, Valley Stream and Garden City South throughout 2011. , a similar incident occurred at another home in Malverne located on Norwood Avenue and in both cases the thieves' targets were Nissan Maximas.

This time, the victim checked on his cars, as he does every night, before going to bed. At approximately 1 a.m., everything was fine, but when his neighbor headed out around 5:30 a.m. to catch the train in Westwood he noticed that the Nissan Maxima was propped up on blocks in the driveway.

Still, he didn't say anything at the time, not realizing his neighbor had just been a victim of larceny. "He thought maybe I was doing something with the car," the victim, who wished not to disclose his name, told Patch. It wasn't until he woke up around 9:45 a.m. that he discovered for himself that all four tires and rims were gone from the leased vehicle he recently acquired from his late father.

"I have a Lexus with after-market wheels that I had on the car all summer and never had a problem,’’ he said, adding that after speaking with police and doing his own research online, he learned that it's this particular model of Nissans that the perpetrators seem to being coveting most.

responded to the home, but without substantial evidence to go on, there's a slim chance the crime will be solved, the victim told Patch. He has, however, noticed an increased police presence in the Westwood section of Malverne where he lives and he's taking precautions to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Lt. Clements, of the Malverne Police, told Patch that one way residents can deter the thieves is by installing ample lighting around the property, including motion-detecting lights. Alarms that detect vibrations and wheel locks are other measures residents can take, he added.

"They like to work in the dark," the victim said. "My property is very dark, because there's a lot of trees in Westwood."

Although he had motion-sensing lights, he learned that they were mounted too low. The thieves were able to reach up and unscrew the bulbs, rendering them useless. He's since contacted an electrician to install storm lights, which would be placed much higher up.

He also believes that the incident might not have occurred if he hadn't parked the car at the end of his driveway. "The further up the car is parked, the more of a risk [the thieves] have to take," he said. 

"I still feel safe in Malverne," he said, explaining that in these trying times, "there's just a lot of theft everywhere."


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