Tires, Rims Ripped Off Cars in Malverne-West Hempstead

Thieves steal parts from three cars in the area.

Tires and rims have disappeared off cars parked around Malverne, West Hempstead and Garden City South over the past week.

So far thieves have swiped the parts from three cars in the area, jacking up the vehicles and leaving them propped on bricks and cobblestones.

The first two incidents occurred last week  - one on Langley Avenue in West Hempstead and the other on Roxbury Road South in Garden City South. Both cars were made by Honda.

The latest larceny case happened late Friday night on Norwood Avenue in Malverne, just off of Cornwell Avenue. The homeowners had left their black four-door Nissan Maxima parked in their driveway overnight and awoke the next morning to find the tires and rims were gone. The car was tilted forward and held up with four stacked cobblestones.

"You can see they left the lug nuts," one of the homeowners, Marie Franco, said.

Cops who came to investigate the scene told her that the thieves were most likely after the car's aluminum rims more than anything, according to Franco. She said they explained that the criminals usually work in teams and perform the job quickly, almost resembling a NASCAR pit crew.

"This is the first time we had this occur in Malverne," said Malverne Police Chief John Aresta.

He suggested residents protect themselves by purchasing wheel locks, which he says are "relatively inexpensive," and install motion sensor lighting around their home.

He added, "They may be scared off."

A spokesman for the Nassau County Police said they have not received enough reports at this time to consider this a major problem, but did encourage residents to take steps to deter the thieves.

He suggested parking cars in well-lit areas, preferably off the street, as well as installing the motion-detecting lights and using wheel locks.

"They want to get in and out quick, so they'll tend to move along if they see a deterrent," he said, "but if they want a particular rim they'll work for it."

Both the Malverne and Nassau County Police also indicated that residents should report any theft or suspicious activity to them. If residents fail to notify authorities about cases like this it makes it difficult for them to identify the extent of the problem and what types of vehicles are being targeted.

Cathy March 27, 2011 at 03:11 AM
They took the rims & tires from my Honda Pilot from my dead on on 3/23/11 at 9:50pm when everyone was home and all our lights were on. They caused damage to my suspension. After they took mine they procced to go three block and hit another pilot. The police should have taken this more seriously when it began.
christina M March 30, 2011 at 12:43 AM
They took rims and tires off my honda accord in franklin square..they also damaged the from of my car..this occured on march 7th early morning during a severe rain storm. That same night police told me another Honda was hit around the corner from me. This had to be done by more than one person. Since only one guy was caught, what happens now to those others that are still out there? Something must be done to ensure the safety of our communities!
Meg October 04, 2011 at 08:55 AM
Are there any updates on this? My Acura was hit on 9/29/11 in west Hempstead. I had wheel locks and was parked in a well lit area. I read the reports of a kid from elmont getting caught a few months ago, but there has to be others involved. Just a bit of advice as a now victim. Honda/Acura factory rim locks are universal and are NOT a deterant. Do not waste your money on them as I did. Opt for a manufacturer such as Gorilla and get ALL lug nuts replaced with wheel locks. A small price to pay but worth every penny if it keeps your rims where they belong. On your car.
Joe Mahoney January 14, 2012 at 03:23 PM
At least the car wasn't stolen. If you really want to stop the crooks, get 4 "denver boots" for the wheels.
Paige March 16, 2012 at 03:32 AM
The above story (Nissan Maxima) hits close to home.... On 3/10 I woke up around 9:30am to find my 2011 Maxima Sport on blocks with all 4 tires/wheels stolen as well....the details of our stories are almost identical- except my car was parked on a residental street at the cross section of a side street and a main blvd in Queens, NY. All the lug nuts were left like the abopve car- in small piles in front of each wheel. I was devasted that this happened... I'm waiting the parts to arrive to Nissan for them to be replaced (at a nice cost of $4100....) and I'm investing in an alarm system since it took THIS to happen for me to realize that the factory alarm was basically useless. I'm still upset about the situation- especially since I'm 99% sure I saw my wheels on Craigs List... (there were 4 listings by the way for 2009-2011 Maxima rims as of 3/10-3/12 in the Queens/Nassau area....) but clearly I'm not alone in being a victim to this criminal activity. Sad to know how much aggrevation is caused for people like us in just a matter of minutes...


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