VIDEO: Fire Breaks Out at Lynbrook Diner

Photo Credit: Kevin Mad, K2M Photography.
Photo Credit: Kevin Mad, K2M Photography.
Editor's Note: The following story, photos and video was done by Kevin Mad of K2M Photography.

Emergency responders responded to fire in the ceiling of the Lynbrook Diner Monday night.

Lynbrook Police were among the first on scene and advised incoming fire department units they had a confirmed smoke condition inside the building. As per the chief, first due Lynbrook Engine 421 was advised to pick up a hydrant upon their arrival and stretch a line to the door.

This line would become one of two stretched during the operation. Firefighters were faced with a fire concentrated in the ductwork, visible from the exterior, but not seen by those inside until members of Lynbrook Truck began to open up. Not long into the operation, Lynbrook command transmitted the signal ten (working fire). 

With the transmission of the working fire, East Rockaway was notified to respond at the FAST team. However, Ladder 403 was out of service at the time and replaced by Heavy Rescue 407. Also on scene was Rockville Centre Ladder 447.

With two lines in operation, firefighters were able to make a quick knockdown of the fire. Standing by for Lynbrook during the operation was an engine and ambulance from Rockville Centre along with a ladder from Malverne.

All fire department units were under the command of Lynbrook Chief Edward Hynes. The cause of the fire at the twenty-four hour diner remained under investigation. 

Alice M. Johnson posted two pictures to the Patch boards that she took from Coachlight Square Condos, about 500 feet from the scene.

You can check out a video and photos from the fire by clicking above.
paul January 14, 2014 at 11:27 AM
Hmmm. Seems like a grease fire in the kitchen hood/duct. If so, I wonder when he last had it cleaned and inspected. If this was the cause I guess the insurance company will say bye -bye. This is one of the main reasons for fires in restaurants and diners.
Norman D'Amico January 14, 2014 at 11:56 AM
Repairs are being made to diner roof today!
Jill Anne Murphy Frampton January 14, 2014 at 01:39 PM
WHY are they not wearing their Scotts? I am dumbfounded by this sight. Do they now grow lungs impervious to gas and toxic byproducts now and are no longer to wear their air packs? If so, can they send us some down here too? WE still wear our PPE.
Radio Follies February 24, 2014 at 08:14 AM
Greek Lighting!


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