Third Crash Finally Prompts Repair of West Hempstead Traffic Signals

Temporary traffic signals weren't cutting it at busy intersection.

The traffic signals at the busy intersection of Hempstead Turnpike and Westminster Road in West Hempstead have been without power for more than three weeks due to Superstorm Sandy, but after a third accident occurred at this spot Tuesday, the lights were finally fixed.

Instead of restoring power to the signals initially,  temporary traffic lights were put in place to control the intersection shortly after one person sustained life-threatening injuries in a two-vehicle crash at this crossroads on Nov. 4. 

However, the temporary signals were creating a new kind of confusion among drivers, contributing to a two-car collision late Friday morning, in which no one sustained injuries, and a four-vehicle accident early Tuesday morning.

The Nov. 20 crash left a driver and her passenger trapped inside her car until West Hempstead volunteer firefighters were able to free them using hydraulic tools. Nassau County Police and ESU units were also on the scene, which created a huge traffic snarl in the area.

Some four hours after the third crash at this site, work crews were on the scene and finally repairing the original traffic signals.


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