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A Facelift for Hempstead Avenue

The village of Malverne continues downtown restoration with aid from Congresswoman McCarthy.

Take a walk through the downtown area of Malverne and you will notice some recent upgrades have been made to the landscape of Hempstead Avenue. Well, more changes and improvements are on the way.

With the continuation of the Downtown Restoration Project, the village is now aiming to improve the sidewalks and other aspects of its "Main Street."

The restoration project first started with an overhaul of the Malverne and Westwood train stations and the surrounding sidewalks, which was funded by a grant from State Senator Dean Skelos.

Wanting to expand and continue Malverne's makeover, Mayor Patricia Norris McDonald met with Congresswomen Carolyn McCarthy to see if the village would be able to receive earmark money to finish the project.

“We went to McCarthy with a shovel-ready project,” stated McDonald. The next phase would include redoing the sidewalks on Hempstead Avenuve from the Department of Public Works building near the Malverne-Lynbrook border down to where it intersects with Dogwood Avenue.

After Congresswomen McCarthy visited Malverne to see the parts of the community that would be improved, she arranged for the village to receive federal funds.

Malverne was awarded the money three years ago, but the process of officially getting the funds has been long and tedious. Mayor McDonald thanked Village Clerk Teresa Emmel for her dedication, diligent work and traveling to the Department of Transportation (DOT) to meet with represenatives to get the money.

Trustee Mike Bailey, the liaison of the Building Department who is involved with this project, explained that in addition to the new sidewalks, this stretch of Malverne will also see new street signs and lights.

“Hempstead Avenue will have a charming and quaint look to it,” stated Bailey.

The Lt. Joseph Cavalieri Park near Associated Supermarket is also part of the grant and will be redone.

McDonald thanked the local businesses for being cooperative and flexible when Phase I of the Downtown Restoration project was underway, and looks forward to working with them again on Phase II.

She explained that the DOT overlooks the expenditures for the Downtown Restoration Project.The earmark money Malverne received covers 80 percent of the cost to continue the project. Malverne pays the bill for the first fourt feet of the sidewalk from the street, which is considered the village right of way.

Mayor McDonald and others involved with the project will meet with the DOT and contractors on July 26.

“After that meeting we will know when everything will start,” stated Bailey, who said he hopes the work will begin in August.

It should take about three months to complete, he added.

Stacey July 22, 2011 at 02:33 PM
I think it is wonderful that improvements are being made. But....as a resident of West Hempstead I would think that some improvements to Hempstead Avenue in our area would be a much better improvement then Malvern which is a incorporated village and looks pretty to begin with. I am sometime embarrased at the way Hempstead Avenue in my town is. How about some improvements to that?
WestHempStinks July 22, 2011 at 05:18 PM
I hear you Stacey, West Hempstead is a vile dump and your downtown looks like the south end of a north bound bull. Here's a suggestion, stop looking at what Malverne is doing and thinking you should be getting our federal tax dollars. There's a reason we live in an incorporated village, so that we have representation. get a clue.
WestHempStinks July 22, 2011 at 05:19 PM
By the way, our village is called Malverne, Malvern is in Pennsylvania, why don't you buy a map...


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