Cuomo Signs Property Tax Cap Bill in Lynbrook

Historic legislation finalized at home of Gannon family.

An historic event for the State of New York took place right here in Lynbrook on Thursday.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo traveled to the home of village residents James and Janet Gannon to sign a bill authorizing a property tax cap in New York. Assemblyman Brian Curran, R-Lynbrook, and Lynbrook Mayor Bill Hendrick were on hand for the signing.

"For decades, taxpayers across New York state have been burdened by back-breaking property taxes that have crippled businesses and families," Cuomo said. "It is appropriate to sign this property tax cap at the Gannon household, as millions of homeowners like them have had the deck stacked against them for too long. This tax cap is a critical step toward New York's economic recovery, and will set our state on a path to prosperity."

Under the cap, property tax increases will be limited to 2 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is less. Municipalities, such as school districts, could override the cap with 60 percent of voters participating in an election.

John Scifo June 30, 2011 at 10:59 PM
Having been a resident of Lynbrook for about 28 years, I agree with and welcome the tax cap represented by our Governor. It is time that all Municipalities are held to fiscal responsibility. No longer can the residence and the business district continue to absorb the raising of taxes with the economy being as it is today. For example, the School budget represents about 60% of our taxes. In recent articles, the wages made by Superintendents and other high placed school officials substantiate the need for fiscal restraint. These individuals are compensated way above what our Governor is paid for his services, yet he is the head of our State. I understand the need to have good personnel in these positions; however, I’m sure there are qualified individuals who need employment that would do the job for a whole lot less. (Better to have some than not at all). Instead of ‘just raise the taxes’ be fiscally responsible. Tighten the belt and cut the waste.
Jason July 01, 2011 at 12:30 PM
Great day for Lynbrook as well as all LI and NYS. It was an honor to have this signing held here. Thank you Assemblyman Curran and Mayor Hendrick arranging to have this great event held right here in our hometown.
Jason July 01, 2011 at 01:03 PM
Hi John, From your voice to Gods ears? The 2% cap should have been in place 20 YEARS AGO? We should have a 2% reduction, annually 'til were in line with the average school taxes across the state.In addition,this cap is not guaranteed as it requires a 60% vote, once again by the district voters. We both know how that works with a the apathetic voter base most districts have. Case in point, Wyandanch voters just approved a whopping $500k+ superintendent salary base, not to mention the perks and pension benefits. Many, many other districts have multiple superintendents whose salaries range between 300- 400k?? I wouldn't be too thrilled at this ground braking event as we are still faced with mass populous exodus due to the current tax base. So much rhetoric, so little action (if any at all) here leads me to consider this just more the same. Politics as well as patronage, as usual? Until common sense politics, and integrity is re installed here on LI, I'd expect more of the SOS.
Louise Gillespie July 07, 2011 at 12:40 AM
Unfortunately, the tax cap will not decrease the superintendents salary, but will result in cuts that will drastically affect our children's education. The school budget increase works out to be minimal when you look at from a per family perspective. I don't know about anyone else, but I think it's a bad time to cut education, when America's kids are not competitive in the global market. President Obama has introduced the new Common Core Standards in education which 48 stated including New York have committed too. With more rigorous expectations, our schools need the funding. Does anyone value education? Don't complain when your kid's programs get cut and class sizes increase
John Scifo July 07, 2011 at 09:15 PM
I’m all for education however, it appears that the tax dollars that are collected for our school districts are not being used effectively. As it was said, our school superintendents, principals and other high placed school officials have over the top salaries. Our tax burden ever increasing does not appear for the benefit of our children more so it’s to the benefit of yet higher salaries and pension funding of school officials to include that of teachers. The districts talks of cutting programs, school sports and other beneficial activities outside academic education, but what is not addressed is school superintendents, principals etc making 300,000-500.000.00 dollars and expect more. Why such high salaries. You can not expect one to believe there are not other competent educators that could handle the job. Individuals in the educational fields who lost their job(s) due to the economy would take the job at less pay in a heart beat. These individuals who have high salaries and expect more to keep up with their peers; care less about the needs of students. They rather cut services than agree to a pay freeze or some type of cut back to ease the burden of tax payers. On another note, what about people who have no children in the school system, yet are forced to pay the same school taxes that a family that has 2 or 4 kids in the system.


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