Curran: NY Breaks Record for Continuous Private-Sector Job Growth

For 17 straight months, private-sector job growth has been on the rise.

Assemblyman Brian Curran, R-Lynbrook, announced that New York has broken a record for continuous private-sector job growth.

For 17 straight months, private-sector job growth has been on the rise.

“Nassau County alone has seen a 2.9 percent increase in private-sector job growth in the past year — which amounts to 29,400 new jobs. Our area is on the road to economic recovery," he said. "We have a great number of passionate and enterprising entrepreneurs and students graduating from our education institutions with great skills and a drive for success.

"However, my fear is that with the proposed minimum wage hike, which passed recently in the New York State Assembly, this historic and much-needed job growth will lose its positive momentum. Our businesses and job creators need to see substantive relief. Continuing to heap mandates upon small business in this state is what drove the economy into the ground to begin with.

"New York State has been showing a trend of lagging behind the national average for unemployment. Although Nassau County, in particular, is recovering under incredible pressure and constraints, we must continue to foster an environment friendly to businesses and job creators,” said Curran.

To combat unemployment the state has created a job bank for those in search ofemployment.

To search job opportunities by region visit: http://www.labor.ny.gov/jobs/regional.shtm

“The path of success for our families, children and communities is to continue this historic success. Nassau County has faced countless disasters from economic downturn to Superstorm Sandy and has overcome them all. Our community should be proud for overcoming what seemed like insurmountable odds. We can still provide a better future for our children, and I will continue to fight for that brighter future and hold the line for Nassau County businesses and taxpayers,” said Curran.


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