Democrats Rip Tax Refund Plan; Mangano Counters

Democratic Legislators, led by Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams, called on County Executive Edward P. Mangano this week to scrap his latest proposal to allow a private investor to buy $20 million in tax refund debt.

But the Mangano administration countered on Thursday. In a statement, Mangano's offiice said the proposal has been reviewed by the county Comptroller and Attorney's offices and "we have reached agreement on certain adjustments to the plan which we believe will preclude claims that this plan is a borrowing."

The Democrats contend that this proposed deal is a loan and is subject to approval of the Legislature and NIFA, the state control board overseeing Nassau’s finances. “However the administration attempts to dress it up as a settlement, it is in reality a loan,” Abrahams said.

“The administration is using an investor’s money to pay off county debt to the judgment creditors and creating a new $20 million debt to the investors.” "No debt is created," the Mangano statement countered.

 "No borrowing occurs. Nassau addresses liabilities directly with the Homeowner. The taxpayers get their refunds with interest." Mangano's office said the revised plan is being adjusted to make clear that the taxpayers who hold judgments are in charge. The taxpayers are able to settle their cases directly with the County and, if they choose, sell their settlements or judgments to any lawful assignee independent of the county, it said.

The proposed arrangement, crafted by County Attorney John Ciampoli, would increase Nassau’s already high debt and could potentially put the county’s credit rating at risk, according to the Democrats.

Bay Park Sewage Study

Mangano announced Monday that a major study is underway to explore new methods of discharging treated wastewater from the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant. The study seeks to identify recommendations for onsite upgrades and improvements and determine the feasibility of constructing an outfall pipe that would extend into the Atlantic Ocean. Treated discharge, or effluent, is currently released into Reynolds Channel located on the north shore of Long Beach and south of the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant.  

Mangano praised Rep. Peter King, R-Seaford, and Sens. Charles Schumer and Kristin Gillibrand of New York for the study's funding.

"Together, we will work to improve our environment and repair the county's aging sewage treatment plants," Mangano said.

The study, funded by Nassau County Capital Improvement Funds and a reimbursement grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), will be conducted by CH2M Hill. The EPA grant will provide 55 percent of the project costs, up to a maximum of $275,500. The county's funds for the study are in lieu of a compliance order set forth by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) connected to violations that resulted from a spill of treated solids into Reynolds Channel in October 2010. The study began this summer and is expected to last about a year.

Candlelight Vigil Honors Nassau Vets

Nassau County remembered its veterans Monday with its annual POW/MIA Candlelight Vigil at Eisenhower Park, the day set aside as National POW/MIA Recognition Day.

“We honor the sacrifice made by Prisoners Of War and those who have gone Missing in Action while defending the freedoms here in the USA and around the world,” Mangano said.

The event’s Keynote Speaker was Joyce Rommel of Freeport, whose husband was declared MIA in the mid-1960s after his aircraft was shot down over North Vietnam. His remains were discovered in the late 1990’s and were interred at Arlington National Cemetery. The solemn ceremony featured the reading of the names of all POW/MIAs from Nassau and Suffolk.
Norm204 September 30, 2012 at 11:54 PM
I believe that in the latest plan as described by Newsday there is no borrowing from any third party by the County. Either the property owner can make a deal directly with the County, or a third party can purchase the judgments from the property owner at a discount and then the County pay the third party the judgment amount. But there is no borrowing scheme from a third party. I believe that is so...could be wrong.
fred October 01, 2012 at 12:10 PM
Instead of paying cash directly for the refunds, why not apply it as a credit to next years taxes?
fred October 01, 2012 at 01:17 PM
Always later!
Vincent October 01, 2012 at 01:18 PM
The wouldn't be called Demcorats if they liked a tax refund.


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