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Farmingdale Students, Lupinacci, Promote School Aid

High School students, teachers, board members visit Assembly to promote increased funding.

State Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci, R-Huntington Station, recently joined Farmingdale High School students and board members to advocate for greater education aid for Long Island schools.

The students, teachers and board members were in Albany to highlight the negative impact reduced school funding could have on their educational experience, particularly the loss of AP classes.
"Long Island schools have consistently received substandard aid for our students,” said Lupinacci. “Our teachers and parents are some of the most dedicated in the state and they continue to work together to improve our education system."

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's budget proposal could mean as much as a $37 million loss for schools in the coming year, said Lupinacci, a former South Huntington School Board member.

Lupinacci and several of his colleagues recently launched an online petition asking the governor to re-think his budget proposal. To sign on to the petition, visit http://bit.ly/LISchools. Additional information on the proposed cuts and Assemblyman Lupinacci’s perspective on the plan can be found by visiting http://fb.com/AssemblymanChadLupinacci.

Yankee Man February 06, 2013 at 02:10 AM
The school officials are using these kids as props. They only thing school officials really care about is preserving their jobs. The kids are kids, but the adult PTA members should be ashamed of themselves. They are blind to what the teachers really care about.
Jeffrey Lee February 10, 2013 at 11:37 PM
Remember the PTA Soccer Mom Mantra "It's all about the children!" Time to tighten your belt and do some more fund raisers because a big budget storm is on the horizon. Get out of the bubble, realize how bloated the system has become, and the culture has to change at some point inevitably. No one wants to see programs or the quality of our education reduced, and extra curricular activities canceled although if that is what has to occur to make the future sustainable then the parents should step it up and wake up.


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