Glen Cove Council Continues PILOP Discussion

City also passed resolution regarding employee leave pay.

Another public hearing on the  was held Tuesday at the City Council's meeting at Glen Cove's City Hall, and the one-time payments still sparked discussion among city officials despite a zero turnout of concerned individuals.

Prior debate on the conditional fee seemed to divide across two factions - those in support of the escrow fund to upgrade parking facilities to attract businesses, and others, including , who have expressed concerns that the fee may discourage investment in Glen Cove's downtown.

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Councilman Reginald Spinello brought a new angle into the discussion Tuesday night: the planned . Under the proposed policy, projects of the Piazza's magnitude would incur a $206,000 fee in lieu of new on-site parking.

Spinello said that according to his math, over 30 years, Piazza developers will have paid 17 cents per parking spot, and that the fee levied on that development should be higher - "closer to $1 million," he said.

"We're being short-changed," said Spinello. "This developer owes something to the city. This is a premium project and will be the centerpiece of the city."

Mayor Ralph Suozzi explained that a fee of $250,000 for the Piazza was proposed by the city's consulting service, and was lowered due to the state of the economy.

"Nobody's been short-changed," Mr. Suozzi said.

The topic will be open for public discussion at the council's June 26 meeting. Suozzi said he expects a vote at that meeting or at the next one in July.

Employee Leave Pay

The council also adopted a resolution at Tuesday's meeting authorizing the NYS Legislature to enable legislation authorizing the city to issue bonds to fund contract-obligated payments for accrued leave required to be paid upon separation of employment with the city.

The state's legislation has been introduced and sponsored by state assemblyman Charles Lavine and state Senator Carl Marcellino in their respective, respectively.

Mayor Ralph Suozzi said that 23 employees have entered letters indicating intent to retire, and said four retirements have gone through already, the city doesn't expect more than 13 to leave this year. Still, Suozzi said that many of the employees mentioned will most likely retire within the next several years.

"These are obligations which have accumulated over the past three decades, and while we've been able to lower the debt by $15 million, we still don't have money in the reserves to pay these out," Suozzi said.

The mayor noted that the anticipated retirements could require the city to pay out up to $7 million over the next several years.

The resolution was required as part of the Home Rule, which means that a municipality must legally request legislation if it is not already specifically permitted under existing sate legislation, according to Kirk Ives, a spokesman for Marcellino explained over the phone Wednesday.

Ives, who works at Marcellino's Albany office, said that the bill is expected to be voted on before June 21, the end of the Senate session.

GCPete May 24, 2012 at 04:55 PM
"Nobody's been short-changed," Mr. Suozzi said. Given the number of for sale signs going up in front of peoples homes and vacant stores in Glen Cove I think that the tax-paying residents and business owners think differently.
David May 24, 2012 at 07:17 PM
"The mayor noted that the anticipated retirements could require the city to pay out up to $7 million over the next several years". Why are people allowed to accumulate so much accrued time? At worst they should have been paid off when they earned it. I know of no company that allows people to do that. Someone makes $100 dollars a day but we'll pay you off when your making $200 dollars a day makes no sense. Two hundred grand a year cops is out of this world. In twenty years they'll be 1/2 a million dollar cops. My friend just retired from the Army, 1st & 2nd Gulf war, Afghanistan war, 5 tours in both 3 purple hearts and a Bronze Star and never made more then 65K, away from his family for a year at a time. What priorities this country has.


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