Lynbrook Waiving Permit Fees for Homeowners Impacted by Sandy

Village not collecting fees for building, plumbing and electrical work that needs to be done because of the storm.

The village of Lynbrook is giving its residents a break as they work to repair the damage that Hurricane Sandy caused to their homes.

At the Nov. 19 meeting of the Lynbrook village board, officials announced that they had granted an emergency waiver of all fees for building, plumbing and electrical permits for homeowners and business owners impacted by the storm who need to restore their properties. 

Village Adminstrator John Giordano explained, "The resolution also provides for the Building Department expediting the applications that do come in from property owners as well."

The 90-day waiver will be in effect until Feb. 17 unless the board decides to renew it to extend beyond that date.

To also accomodate residents who have opened up their homes to families displaced by Sandy, the village has waived the overnight parking restriction until Dec. 5, but this could also be renewed if necessary.


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